September 30, 2012

Setia Selamanya

Last night was truly amazing. I did mention about this on my previous post.  So they made it last night on Gema Cipta 2012. Although they didn't get crowned as the overall winner, but Ifo won the Best Lyric Award for his song Setia Selamanya. Congrats, Ifo! And standing ovation for our friend, Rizal, for the great performances. Well done, guys!! ^^

It's quiet hard to believe though at first that Ifo didn't win the overall champion, because Setia Selamanya is such a great, beautiful song. Most of the other contestants came out with English songs which sounded typical, and for us, Setia Selamanya was the only Malay song that stood out that night. But juries went the other way round, they preferred English and jazzy songs, just like last year. 

It doesn't matter, anyway. Best Lyric Award has made everything worth it already. I'm proud of Ifo, not just because I love him, but also for the wonderful song and his pure creativity. ^^

glorious victory :)
from left: Icco (music arranger), Ifo (composer), and Rizal (singer/vocal)

So here's the song that wins one of the awards on Gema Cipta 2012, embedded with the beautiful lyrics. Enjoy, everyone. Thanks for your support and I love you!!

Saat diriku mencari apa itu cinta?
Pada Esa ku doa, tetapkan aku untuknya
Muncul kau di depan mata membuat ku terkelu
Membayangi wajahmu seri di fikiranku

Jangan kau berikan tanda tanya
Yang membuatku gelisah selalu

Kekasihku hanya dirimu yang ku tunggu
Walau beribu batu jauh akan ku tempuhi
Kerna kau tahu yang aku selalu cinta
Selamanya kau dan aku kan bersama
Mengharungi segala dusta dan fitnah
Derita bahagia
Kerna setia ku hanya pada kamu

Sejak ku merasa cinta mu yang suci ini
Ku tak bersedih lagi, teguh berdiri disini
Walau apa yang terjadi, ku tak pernah lari
Kotakan setiap janji, selalu ada disisi

Takkan ku ucapkan kata pisah
Yang membuatmu merindukan aku


Cinta itu hanyalah
Perkataan yang diucapkan
Namun hati yang ikhlas takkan pudar
Disemai dan diingati
Kamu lah yang ku sayang
Kau lah yang ku berikan
Keikhlasan hati yang kekal selamanya

September 24, 2012

La Tahzan

She's just standing there all alone 
Barely covered head to toe, barely just 12 years old 
Why's she all alone, why's the world just so cold? 
Why don't we play our part, what has hardened our hearts? 
Oh little girl, don't you cry
La tahzan
God loves you more than I 
Allah is always be with you.. 

The picture sends tears to my eyes. La tahzan are the Arabic words that mean don't be sad. Let's spread our loves for the orphans.

September 22, 2012

Once Upon a Song

I'd love to invite everyone to come to Pertandingan Gema Cipta on 29th September 2012 (Saturday) at Recital Hall, UMS. It's a song composing competition that's opened for IPTA, IPTS and secondary schools, offering prizes as high as RM1,000. 

Ignore the wrong date, it's actually 29 Sept 2012

We're all thrilled for this competition and we need your support because Ifo is one of the contestants! Nah, he's not gonna sing, but the songs that he wrote and composed himself have been successfully selected for the final round. Our dear friend, Rizal, will be singing the songs on the competition. So, these are the songs:

1. Setia Selamanya (song and lyric by Ifo, vocal by Rizal)

2. Panorama (Song and lyric by Ifo, vocal by Rizal)

Such beautiful songs. I wish one of them will be crowned as the winner and beats other songs. Which one do you think will make it? ^^
Anyway, I pray the best for Ifo. Let's come and support! 

September 20, 2012

Enjoy Your Stay, Baby

I dedicate this to all newborn babies:

First, you need to relax. I know it's not as warm as it was but you get used to the cold and warmth that can be found in the people around you. Secondly, don't get used to crying to get things. Some people never grow out of it. Avoid them. Spend time around people who smile in the face of despair. Learn from them all you can. 

Everyone is a lesson. A story. The more people you talk to, the more you understand it. But never speak if you have the chance to listen. Especially if you want someone to like you. There's nothing you can say that'll endear someone to you as much as really and truly listening to them. 
You're on day 1 of a sometimes remarkable, sometimes terrible, sometimes beautiful, strange and always completely unknown journey. Be okay with this. Worrying about what happens next will ruin the surprise. 

You'll meet strange people along the way, some good, some bad. This is a pattern that'll more than likely repeat constantly as you grow up. Some things will be good, some things will be bad. Neither will ever last forever. Nothing will stay the same. Appreciate every moment of happiness and remember it when you despair. Hold them close. And when you are happy, remember the moments of despair and think to yourself, "I told you so." 

Never let someone else define you. You're your own creation and only you decide how you feel, who you are and what you want. This can be scary at 1st but it's liberating to truly and utterly embrace your own identity. People who hate you for not being like them are not worth hating back. Please, let go of hate whenever you can. Accept love whenever it's given and give it out freely. It's the most powerful force on earth.

Enjoy your stay.

P.S: I know they can't read this, but maybe you can read for your babies someday. ^^

September 18, 2012

RIP Cinta

Family and I are in the mourning now. We just lost a kitty today. It's mum's favorite kitty, Cinta. She was vomiting twice on Monday and refused to eat. It was a public holiday, we can't bring her to vet as it's closed. Then my brother took her to vet this morning and the doctor said she had got stomach flu. Maybe because of something she'd eaten outdoor. So they did gave her medicine, but it's too late. She died this evening at 5.30 pm.

I cried when I got call from mum and messages from sisters. We're all mourning for the loss of Cinta. She's different from her siblings because she's the only one that has thick fur and loves coconut. I used to call her Tupai because her thick fur especially on the tail makes she look like a squirrel. She's special. Now she's gone forever.

When she's still a baby
Cinta :(
Her last photo

I'm so sad.
RIP Cinta. 

September 15, 2012

Food Attack at Puncak Iqra'

Assalamualaikum. Hello loves. ^^

I just got back from cousin's open house at Puncak Iqra', Dambai. Actually the place is owned by her father-in-law, Hussain Kasau, a poet, book author and journalist. Puncak Iqra' is a unique place that's located on top of hill. There's a big fruit garden, and each fruit tree has nuances of literature as the names and masterpieces of poets have been immortalized there. The house is a heaven for book lovers, there's a huge collection of books and it should turn into a library someday. 

Cars can't go to the top, so we just walked up and down the hill. But I had trouble as I was wearing sky-high wedges. Such wrong choice, my feet still hurt. Glad that it's nice up there. Foods were served in booths and I didn't missed any of them. There were grilled seafood, soto Makassar, rojak, roasted oysters, grilled beef and chicken wings, lamb chop, satay, siput sedut, ambuyat, nasi ayam penyet, variety of drinks and fresh fruits. I ate till I can't take it anymore. 

My favorites were soto Makassar and roasted oysters. It's my first time eating the original oysters. They're juicy and yummy, especially when dipped in spicy sauce. Heaven! While peeling off the shells, I did it carefully with hope I'd find a pearl. But I had no luck. :p
It's the best open house of the year. ^^

At the foothill

Banner with family photo of the poet/journalist

Eat, eat, eat!

Grilling seafood

Lamb chop

Siput sedut

The oysters
Team Love Food (me with sisters, brother and nephew)

Till next post. I love you. ^^

September 13, 2012

Recent Thingy

Assalamualaikum. Hello loves. ^^

Yeah I know, it's been a while now. My blogging activities of writing and reading are slowing down to a crawl since I moved into Usia. A lot of things happened lately. 
The saddest one was the death of my cousin's son, Nazmi, 12 years old. He got into an accident, injured in the head, and died the next morning because of internal bleeding. Though we're not really close and barely met each other, but I was sad, still sad in fact. I felt sorry for my cousin. I know exactly how it feels to lose someone forever. Rest in peace, Nazmi. 

In the meantime, I'm slowly but surely adapting myself to this new apartment. I've gotten along with my housemates really well though. They're nice, friendly, and as mad as me. But there's nothing like home, I miss mummy's cook. It's pretty nice and cosy anyway. Located on 5th floor, I could see a beautiful view from here especially in the morning. So, this is how the apartment looks like:

Usia Apartment, 1Borneo

I went out with Ifo and his mum yesterday to visit Ifo's grandparents at Tuaran. It's funny when they can't recognize me at 1st because of this hijab. :p It was nice too to meet the Dusun side of Ifo's relatives, despite most of their conversation that I couldn't understand, I gotta learn to speak Dusun perhaps, instead of learning French. :p

We also had the chance to take a look around house of Ifo's uncle that's still under construction. To say that it reminded me of Buckingham Palace would be overrated, but it's so huge. If they threw a party, they could invite 100 guests, or even more. There's also a pond at the front yard, which I think will turn into a swimming pool. Such a house, or maybe I should call it a mansion. We also dropped by at Juan's (Ifo's cousin), and I got to meet his 2 rabbits and 11 cats. It's a nice day-out. ^^

The grandparents

With Ifo's mum

With the rabbits..and cats' butts =,=

September 7, 2012

In the Midst of Madness

Assalamualaikum. Hello, loves. ^^

Ohh thank God, I can finally write on my blog. It's supposed to be my holiday week but I've been crammed with overloaded works and stuck at my desk to finish up the final reports of internship. Thankfully it's done. And I was packing my stuffs just now, preparing to leave tomorrow and check in to hostel. The new semester will begin this Monday. Ugh. I can't even feel the holiday, man.

It's alright though. I've got a feeling that it'd be an awesome semester because it's a final year, the year where I'll be getting ready to jump head first into the new world. Besides, tomorrow I'll be registering myself to become a resident of Usia Tower Apartment at 1Borneo. I'll have a new room, some new housemates, and a new life, I guess. So I went on a little tour at the tower with Ifo the other day, then I took a glimpse of the bedroom and study desks. Cool. Unlike the typical dorms, Usia is a bit more exclusive. I wish I could find peace there. Remember I told a story about the spooky dorm I lived in once? I really really wish it won't happen again.

Before I stop rambling, here's a recap of a few things that were going on in the midst of busy madness:

Raya with my "bodyguards", The Baks :p

Open house at cousin's

An outing with my best friends

A date with Ifo ^^

Another side of me still wanted to have fun, glad I still have that.
Till next post. I love you. ^^


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