October 31, 2012

We Do What We Do

This is the best way to describe my field, because most people, even my family, thought it's all about cooking. We're not chefs, we're food technologists. 

Have a great time. I love you. ^^

P.S: Ramesh Kumar, whoever and wherever you are, the infographic is so cool, thank you for making it. 

October 27, 2012

Love Like French

Tu me manques. Phonetically it'd be something like “too muh mahnk”.
It's the French way of saying “I miss you.”
But literally it could be translated to "you are missing from me.”

I've been told that the French-speaking people don't use this sentence or expression as casually as English-speaking people do. Well I'm not surprised.

If you feel that a part of you is physically missing, as in someone used to fill that space and now they're gone, it wouldn't be something you casually say like “missed you at lunch today.”

Anyway, I love that. 
You're missing from me. You're a part of me, essential to my being. You're like a limb, or an organ, or blood. I can't function without you. Okay that's too much. I don't mean to be so touchy-feely tonight. :p

Je t'aime. ^__^

October 26, 2012

Sentiments of Insecurity

I feel safe here. 
I feel safe in all our insecurity. 
I’m wrapped inside them. 
I hope that’s okay. 
All our fears and complications, they like each other. 
They fit perfectly into each other’s molds. 
And it feels lovely to have something slip into place without having to think. 

Our troubles, the loves that thrive for understanding. 
They’re hurt, torn and covered in unseen bruisers. 
There's so much they need to say..so let’s sit down and let them talk. 
Let’s give them a day or two to feel safe. 
Let’s allow them time to feel safe in each other’s insecurities. 
Would you like that?

I'm really afraid. 
These indescribably perfect events, they don’t happen to me. 
I’m scared my insecurities won’t let you in. 
I'm scared they will scare you. 
Beyond everything, above everything, 
I'm terrified you might run away. 
Please don’t run away without me because you’re perfect to me. 
In every sense of the word, I’m going to hold on tight.

You and I. Yours and mine. 
Let's stay and be insecure together.

P.S: This has nothing to do with me or anyone. It's just nonchalantly written. I love you. :)

My Sacrifice

Today marks the Hari Raya Aidiladha. I've decided to make more of an effort to understand, convey and apply the deeper meaning of Aidiladha. It's celebrated in remembrance of prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, prophet Ismail to God. As a tribute, Muslims sacrifice a domestic animal.

Honestly, I know that most of us don’t go much deeper than this, we think about only our selfishness and comfort. When's the last time you truly sacrifice of anything which was truly precious to us in term of someone else's welfare? I haven’t done it for a long time. I couldn't even remember the last time I did it. I remember the charitable work and the things I did but I've never had to make any personal sacrifice in order to do those things.

As a tribute to Abraham’s sacrifices this Aidiladha, I'll try to make an effort to be charitable in a way. I ain't a perfect person and never could be. But sometime in life, you have to realize that you can be a better person but only if you try, right? Well, my Aidiladha always have been like an ordinary one, with family by my side. :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, everyone. ^^

O Allah, make me better than what they think of me, and forgive me for what they do not know about me, and do not take me to account for what they say about me.

October 13, 2012

On the Edge

Isn't it amazing to be at a place like this?

Wish I could be there right now.

October 6, 2012

From Cakes to Hinava

Hey loves! ^^

I can barely dedicate myself consistently on blogging nowadays. I don't know, but I'm not as avid as before. I miss writing down my thoughts and turning them into poetry. Even my reading routine has slowed down. I've stopped observing the finest things around me and been chasing the time. Perhaps I gotta stay this way for a while, for my final year sake..thesis and all. Huhu....

Anyway, here's a little recap of my birthday. Heee...
Zillion thanks to everyone for the wishes; through messages, calls, Fb posts, tweets, Instagram, and blogs. I appreciate all of them that meant a lot to me. It's the most memorable birthday so far (despite the age), because I celebrated it with my housemates this year. Since my brother gave me 2 pieces of Secret Recipe's cakes as a gift that night; chocolate cake and durian cheese cake, so my housemates decided to throw a mini party. They sang a birthday song so loud the people next door could hear it. 

double two XD
thanks, bro!

We had no cake candles, but they insisted me to blow a scented candle instead. Better than nothing, they said. So I blew it, for the 1st time since..I don't know, forever? :p We didn't take any pictures as we're all in Pj's. Lol. Well, in a way, it's wonderful.
Another thing that kept me smiling all day was this:

Thank you, Google! ^^

At least there's something to be remembered and make me smile whenever I recall it. On the other side, I'm trying to give a complete commitment and attention to my final year study. Beside thesis, I'm also attached on product development as one of requirements of my course. So me and my team are currently working on a development of soy pancakes. Yeah it sounds simple, but actually it's not that easy as we have to replace the main ingredients with soy; soy milk, black soy flour (we made it ourselves), soy oil, 

Me and Stacy
Hinava seaweed pizza

The difficult part is to stabilize the amount of each ingredient to create a yummy taste. So we've made a lot of try-and-errors so far. Tiring, but it's fun. I've also got to taste other teams' product such as fish patties, potato balls, sweet potato crackers, hinava seaweed pizza (my favorite), and chicken cake. This is what we do in food tech, mixing and matching while keeping the nutritional value. Heeee...

October 2, 2012

22 Things About Turning 22

On 3rd October 2012, I will be 22. And this is how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking about it:

1. After 21 is getting older, and 21 seems the last good milestone I'll ever have.

2. This is my final year of degree and I'm ECSTATIC. I'll get the certificate roll and be throwing my graduation cap in the air. I'll be free as a bird.

3. But I've got thesis to be done before graduating. Then I have to find a job after graduating. Oh!

4. I need to travel now that I'm 22. I probably won't be able to travel much when I'm 32 because I'll be working a steady job at that time. Plus the best time to be wanderlusting is in your early 20's. Whatever, travel at 22, you'll be less tired.

5. I'm probably going to have to pick out some direction in my life and pursue it.  At the very least, I must really ask myself: What do you want right now? What are you going to want for the next 5 years? Can't use Google for this.

6. Should I have a big party? A small party? A no-party because I think 22 is an irrelevant age to celebrate? :p

7. I'm Asian so it wouldn't matter even if this year I was turning 32. I won't look that different. Besides, I'm small. :p

8. I'd really really really really like to get my foot in the door at some great company and start a career path I'd enjoy. I still wanna be a writer actually. I wanna be one of the writers of Cleo mag, or any famous mags.

9. I'm getting older. My parents are getting older. I just, for some reason, want to be around them all the time because of this.

10. I'm progressing toward adulthood and need to let go of habits that die hard. I need to change.

11. Speaking of change, thankfully, part of me have changed into something positive. I'm happier. You know what I mean. ;)

12. I need to exercise.

13. The dark circles under my eyes..is that a product of staying up until dawn studying and blogging and tweeting, or is it a product of progressing in years? Oh my!

14. I'm older, but not that much wiser. Damn it.

15. Financial security, I have to start saving up money and setting serious financial goals. Furthermore, I have to be completely independent of my parents financially. And I want an iPhone 5.

16. I wish I were extremely wealthy. Or my parents had their own corporate empire that I could take over later on. You know, real security in the form of money you didn't earn yourself. I know a lot of people like this, and I have to say your life is awesome. But I'm thankful for what I have now. :)

17. At some point, I may have to edit this blog, take down my Facebook, etc. I can't say that at 22 I'm okay to say whatever I want anymore, even if my "freedom of speech" is protected...

18. Getting engaged. Kidding. :p I just wanna say that I'm glad for having Ifo in my life. I love him and he loves me back. :))

19. I'm also really glad my best friends at 22 are the same ones from when I was 9.

20. I'm kind of scared of the future, but I'm glad it's happening at the same time. I was ready to move forward.

21. Thanks God for giving me time to live and survive, and enough time for me to change. Alhamdulillah.

22. I can't wait to see what's next. I hope it's awesome. I think it will be.



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