January 5, 2014

On His 24th Birthday

Last night we had a mini surprise party to celebrate Ifo's 24th birthday. Jasper and I brought up the idea and planned everything without giving Ifo a hint about it. All this time, he's the one who plan activities and bring everyone together, because he's the "taicho", so this time we wanted to do the honors to set up a plan for him. So I asked him out on a date, said I wanna treat him dinner at SR, just 2 of us. While other friends were setting up the cake at SR, I pretended looking for things at Daiso, went to washroom and walked slowly just to delay him. I was actually nervous inside, worried if the plan didn't work, plus I'm bad in acting (I did well before when we set up a birthday prank for him, where I took him for a morning jog while the others were preparing pails of water to splash him). 

When we arrived and got our table, he browsed the menu and decided to order a slice of cake. I said let's order the dessert later after we eat the main course and he agreed. With my hand under the table, I was secretly texting Jasper (they're downstairs) to come up and start it now, and acting normal by talking randomly. Then Jasper showed up alone, surprised to see us and said he's there with a friend to watch movie. He suddenly sang a Happy Birthday song, along with me and the others who showed up with a cake. Surprise, surprise!

Ifo blushed a little because I know it's his 1st proper birthday surprise party at public, no evil prank this time, just lots of lies..heee. We're glad that he's happy and loving every bit. So we cut the cake, eat our dinner and enjoy the memorable moments together. We made it. ^^

Happy Birthday again, Ifo. I love you more than words could ever say. Thanks for being a wonderful man, soulmate, best friend, and thanks for being you. And thanks to The Baks for making it happen and creating another awesome memory.  

"Happy 24th Birthday Baks Taicho"

B pack

from left: Selvin, Naszreen, Jasper, me, Ifo, Mark, Desmond, and Russel


  1. Happy birthday aemy's man! May God bless both of u. Sis, u r so lucky to have a guy like him whom can be your friend, man, soulmate, best friend all in one ^____^

    1. Thank you so much Jesse, i feel blessed too. :)

  2. happy birthday ifo..god bless

  3. happy birthday to your man Aemy!

  4. That is so sweet Aemy! And Happy birthday Ifo!

    I tried to give Birthday surprise to my man yesterday as well but failed. Tsk Better luck next time right. hehehe

  5. Happy Birthday Ifo! Hihi. Sy pernah buat birthday surprise untuk adik sy di SR 1B tu, semua customer dan pekerja dalam tu ikut menyanyi sekali. Dorang kasi tukar lagu pegi lagu Birthday juga! Maybe sebab kami set up sama2 SR punya pekerja sekali. It was fun and at the same time, sy pun ikut terharu juga ni. Haha.


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