January 3, 2015

Happy 25th Birthday, My Love

I first met you at 18. Within weeks you bought me a ring and I called you charming. Your hair was spiky and my hair was frizzy and I fell in love with you so easily and instantly that it didn't feel like falling at all, but more like floating or sailing or sinking back into an old favorite chair. You danced hip-hops and I dressed in bright colors, and soon we couldn't remember our lives without each other. Then I met your family and introduced you to mine. At 20 , it was the year you wrote me songs, the year I convinced you to join competition. In my blogspot I wrote that you might be the one, that you had the kindest, most beautiful heart I'd ever known. We had a lot of hard times at 21, but our boat was tougher and we kept sailing through the ups and downs.

And at 22 I changed a lot and I was glad that you still love me no matter how I looked like on the surface. We talked about the future, about marriage and life became so clear that I could almost see right through it and into the most wonderful, joyful future with you. We hopped on a plane with our friends at 23 and went across the border for the first time to Manila. We had the best days of our lives. We're out of college at 24 and you've got your dream job and I can't forget the lights in your eyes, how happy and grateful you were when we received the news. We're both happy because we knew that we're few steps away to our next phase. :)

Today you turn 25, exactly 10 months before I do. Which, I have to say, feels quite appropriate, our birthdays, 10 months apart. Because that's what they say, after all, isn't it? Opposites attract and all that. This year, your birthday feels especially special. For one thing, we're real adults now and things feel a bit like they've come full circle. But mostly this year feels special because we're both wishing for something great.

And for the millionth, trillionth time since first meeting you, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you for being my voice of reason, my anchor to keep my feet on the ground while my heart is in the clouds. Happiest of birthday to my man. Wishing you health and contentment and happiness. I love you. :)

p.s: Hayley Williams from Paramore and Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory are getting married!! OMG!!!


  1. Hi Aemy,

    Sweet and long journey you both have. May all the good things be with you both as always.

    Happy birthday to your man as well!

    God bless.

  2. Aww. So sweet la of you Aemy! Happy Birthday to Ifo, semoga Allah jaga Ifo wherever he were. Dan semoga Allah jaga hubungan kamu sehinggalah ke hari kamu akan disatukan nanti, which is, you have to invite me for I would love to come and see both of you getting married! Haha.

    I love your writing oh. keep writing ya Aemy! and someday, i would love you to write about me. A story. I dont know. Anything maybe? Haha.

    Much Love!
    Anna :) well. Ana pun boleh, hehe.

  3. happy birthday Ifo.. looking forward for a ceremony..soon..hihi


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