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"I'm indecisive, confused and easily irritated. I complain, I fart, I eat a lot and I also laugh and cry. I fall in love, have fun and go wild, but I still stay grounded. I'm just another short girl living in a small town trying to make the best out of my life although I stumble and fall flat on my face. I'm just like you, a daughter, a friend, a lover and most importantly I'm all myself, personality wise. So, can YOU relate?"

I've never been good at describing myself to other people. Somehow I end up flowering myself and making me seem more exciting and lovely than I actually am. Or I make myself sound painfully dull and boring. I'm not either of those, though. I don't gravitate to one extreme, I'm a bit of a mix. I'm crazy and loud but I'm also quiet and observant. I'm ordinary.

On Growing Up

Well, as a kid, I was one of those mischievous ones. You know, those that looks innocent but surely has some hidden agendas in my tiny little head. I was the precious 5th-born that everyone loved, just because I was so tiny and had big eyes and it made me look like a Pokemon. Lol.

I was boyish, though I loved wearing fancy dresses, I loved singing (still do) and dancing to Britney Spears' songs. And I loved being the center of attention (in a good way) whenever the school had concerts or functions. I joined debate, forum, quiz, public speech, storytelling, drama, green project, eureka, camps, choir and choral speaking. I enjoyed seeing the look on my parents' faces when I completed a routine or something and I know they were damn proud of me. Well, at least there was a point in time that they were actually really proud of me. High school was awesome. My college life didn't go gracefully though. Let's just say I was one of those awkward nerds that never really found her place although I did meet a lot of nice and friendly people. I never felt as if I fitted in any of the college cliques. Fast forward from there, I grew up, blossomed a little, learned lots of things that evolved into my life's principles.

On Blogging

My blog only started as a daily rant, of nonsensical things that just popped up in my head. For me to have a diary on my own, but after reading countless of blogs, trying out different styles, I'm now contented with how I write. The way I write is not really the same as how I speak in real life. I'm very grateful now to have readers who enjoy reading what I write, as my aim is to give them a sneak peek of being in my shoes, as they grow with me, virtually. I can say that I'm liking the privileges that comes with being a blogger. All the gatherings, premiums, launches, experiences are worth the time spent. I will not be as beautiful, voluptuous or scandalous as other female Malaysian bloggers, but give my blog a few reads before deciding that it's not your cup of tea. If you're looking for a super hot and sexy babe posing beside a car, raunching it in lingerie or costumes, you came to the wrong place. You won't find hot gossips or trending topics here.

On Things To Do Before I Die

If you ask me to list down things I'd wanna do before I die, it'll be endless. To be honest I'm not a girly girl. I like to be challenged and I will try to conquer my fears (except for cockroaches). In the long-run, these are the thing that I'd want to do, at least half, before I die.

Go to Mecca.
Jump off the cliff into the bottom of the Angel Falls, Venezuela.
Go on a Safari trip.
Hike to Machu Picchu, Peru.
Dive in a cage surrounded by Great White Sharks 50 times my size in South Africa.
See the blue whale and dolphins.
Lock my love on the Great Wall of China.
Stay a week in Santorini, Greece.
Hike in Nepal, at the base of Everest.
Sky diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, any.
Have a trip in Paris.

On Men

Trust me, I'm not a high-maintenance lady. I won't ask guys to pay for me, unless if I'm really down to RM2 to eat. And I definitely don't ask them to pay for my shopping or buy me a gift. If they do, it's sweet of them but if they don't it's no biggie. I don't wear branded clothes, designer bags, but when I do, they're fake. Hahah. So don't go around saying I'm a spoiled brat that goes for rich guys etc. I do not depend on a guy to sponsor me top to toe. I don't care if he drives a Kancil, I'd still go on it! I buy cheap stuff, bundles, secondhand stuff, etc so I'm definitely not rich.

This is my husband, Shaiful Nazri. We got married on 16th July 2016 after 7 years of relationship. Aren't we cute together? :p


Educational background: University Malaysia Sabah (Bachelor of Food Technology)
Race: Brunei + Javanese
Language:  Malay, English

- I love cooking and dream of writing a recipe book in future.
- I love rainy days.
- I love fast cars.
- I enjoy watching soccer game.
- I can play golf but I'm not good at it.
- I'm hot-tempered when I'm hungry.
- I can't stand people who puts down other people and act like a king/god.

Welcome to my blog.

With infinite love,

“She had always wanted words, she loved them; grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape.” - Michael Ondaatje


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