October 31, 2014

Everything has to Start Somewhere

I've been afraid to say it aloud (much less in print) but here it goes: I'm writing a story. Should I call it a novel? Yikes. I'm not sure yet. But I'm really writing this time. 

For whatever reason, I've felt too nervous to tell anybody. I've felt nervous, embarrassed, worried that I'll seem too bold or presumptuous or some other terrible, negative adjective. I need to mention it, though. I need to see how it feels when the whole thing becomes real.

See, there's been a cast of characters dancing around my brain for the past few months, and their story has slowly come into focus as I've opened myself up to the idea of actually writing it. But the truth is, I've been scared. Really, really scared. The idea of writing a novel carries its own weight, its own pressures and assumptions. What if I can't finish it like previous times? What if I do and it's no good? What if?

The what-if fears have been plaguing and paralyzing me forever, but hey, why not huh? So I don't finish. So it's terrible. So what.

As I slowly but surely move through this complicated story-writing business, I'd love to know: what's the best, most inspiring or helpful writing advice you've ever heard? If there's any?


  1. Having the same dilemma as you.
    I don't have any good advice but I guess when we write something, the story should be able to leave a long-lasting impact for the readers. It's what I learned when reading novels. ^^

  2. Don't be afraid to try new stuff. At the end of the day, it's your heart that you need to satisfy the most. You can always ask for yr friend's help to proof read them once the story you are working on is completed.

    Good luck! Do keep us updated here on the progress ya.

  3. good luck Aemy. I'm not good in giving advices, but follow your heart. Write something you feel comfortable with :) much love, Ana <3

  4. hye sis! just go for it..it's your dream. love story has been inspired me since long ago..but family matters give more impacts to me. can't wait for your book sis :)

  5. The thing I've been keeping in mind (but unfortunately, only in mind, and not in action) is:

    A page a day makes a novel a year.

    So try not to think of it as writing a novel. Think of it as writing a page a day. Just one singular page.


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