November 23, 2016

The Whole New Me

This whole new me has already started from the moment I found out that I'm pregnant. Well, I still indulge sometimes while missing those times when I just ate whatever I wanted and whatever pleased me but then it left me thinking about just how miserable I feel. So now I'm gonna be the healthiest I ever be. You're hearing it now. This is my declaration. I'm going to not "do better," but actually cut real things out of my diet. I'm going to be better.

So here's what's going out the door:
Coffee (I cried about this one, no more caramel macchiato)
Soft cheese
Most fishes
Too much sugary food/drinks

What that means for my choices: 
Vegetables (more and more greens, more and more fresh choices)
Fruits (more and more fresh, seasonal fruit. Less canned/packaged stuff) 
More high protein that is lean - chicken and beef
More non fat and low fat dairy
More and more and more water 
More nuts and dried fruits as snacks
Light popcorn with movies 
More grains and cereals and juices

It's really happening. I don't know what part of me flipped a switch the second half of this year but I've really been on a roll. Despite everything that's been going on around me, I feel together and I've been actually setting my mind to real goals again. Go me! 

I tried to do something similar to this diet change before, but I didn't have the motivation of feeling this awful behind the decision, in all honesty, a lot of these kinds of choices we make are made purely on the vanity of the choice or ourselves. But this time it's because I'm pregnant and I'm doing this for my baby. Also I really need to get back on my yoga routine. I can't wait to start tonight with more fruits, no late-night indulgences and then wake up at the right time and actually do yoga. 

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