April 10, 2018

Going Strong

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

Alhamdulillah, it's been a year & Qayla still nurses on breastmilk..she rejects any formula & depends on me but i'm not worried much coz she's eating a good amount of food & she nurses 5 times a day & gets up 2 times at night for feedings. She's got plenty. And i'm not ready to wean yet, i plan to continue until she's 2 or 4..insyaAllah.

My breastfeeding journey is not all rainbows & roses, the older my baby is, the tougher it gets sometimes. She has 4 teeth now, so what do u expect? 😂 And she refuses nursing in public so i have to find a cubicle or go to car. But that's a just a bump in the road, the rest is wonderful. It makes me feel like a superhero coz breastmilk is a natural painkiller & soother. Plus it burns my calories no matter how much i eat.

For new mommies out there, don't give up on breastfeeding, but those who really can't, it's okay then, don't push yourself. Either way doesn't make u less a mother. I'd love to share some tips to extend breastfeeding:

1. Reduce coffee intake..give up on coffee is much better
2. Avoid stress
3. Never eat cabbage
4. Get support from your husband
5. Eat some boosters: dates, prunes, grapes, goat's milk, papaya, etc
6. Keep hydrated


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