March 1, 2013

The 1313 Tragedy

It's 1.3.13.
And here's what happened in Lahad Datu today:

Police say everything is under control. The remaining Sulu gunmen are on the run. A curfew has been declared in Lahad Datu town, 165 km from Felda Sahabat. This is for safety reasons only.  There have been no incidences anywhere else outside the Felda Sahabat area. 2 policemen have been killed. The Sulu gunmen have lost 12 people killed on their side. The rest are trying to escape. The area is fully cordoned off. 

I'm terribly sad. We look at the history and learn from them. We look at today and care. We look at the future and say thank you. Now, which is more important? The history? Today? Future? Stop blaming and pointing finger. I write this because I just saw many negative comments on twitter and fb about this situation. Some blame government, party leaders, and even Tun Dr Mahathir. While some others who don't read perhaps, stupidly become racist. They're throwing nasty words to those Filipinos that have been living in Sabah. And there are some morons insulting Sabah and saying that Sabahans should have just surrendered to Sulu because we're not part of Malaysia. This and that, till they forget to pray.

Many individuals are involved in this terrorism whether they're from the inside or outside, but what concern me the most is today's situation. Come on guys. People are dead, their families are weeping, our heroes are fighting for justice, we're in fear and never stop praying. And those morons don't even have time to pray, as they're too busy insulting. I'm sad and so angry. Plus my brother and uncles are serving for justice in Lahad Datu right now. The whole family's really worried, but we don't stop them either because it's a responsibility. May Allah be with us all.

Deepest condolences to families of the dead fighters. Al-Fatihah....



  1. I am sad. Terribly sad. Not blaming anyone.
    But i truly hope things will be fine and deepest condolence to the fighter.

  2. Prayer for our heros and condolence for the victims family. Oh ada family member ko pula di LD. Prayer for them..

  3. I'm with you, Aemy. This is supposed to be the time we hold on together as brothers and sisters of Sabah, not fighting each other. God be with your brother and uncle, my thoughts and prayers are with them and the rest of the troops, as well as for people of my land, Sabah.

  4. I agreed with u Aemy.Too many 'intelligence' and 'brave' people outside. Instead of blaming,insulting etc, we are other people who are not involved in Malaysian forces,who do nothing except of updating our FB status should give million thanks to the Malaysian forces and pray for their safety and to the dead. I'm so sad with the situation.

  5. semoga keamanan cepat bersama kita. tapi dari sudut yg lain saya semakin malas mengikuti hal di Lahad Dato sebab terlalu kena politik , terlalu byk info yg tidak sahih. Saya hanya mendoakan keamanan cepat pulih.


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