January 19, 2014

Cheating on Your Loneliness

This type of loneliness may always be in you, even if you're with someone. But you could cheat on your loneliness.

Think about how much your mother loves you.
Think about how much your father loves you.
Think about how many fires your sisters/brothers would walk through to protect your heart from being broken one more time.
Think about all the late night calls your best friends have taken and listened to you, no matter how trite.
Think about the ideas in your head.
Think about the people who have read some things you've written about and told you it made them feel a little less alone and less afraid.
Think about the people who have seen something special in you.
Think about the adventures you've had, the strangers who carried you through a tough moment on a leap of faith.
Think about the time you laughed so hard tears came out your eyes.
Think about what it feels like when you see a movie or a play or a work of art and for a minute, everything is suspended in that moment of transcendent and elusive beauty.
Think about all the stories you have.
Think about all of the stories you've yet to tell.

These things will never leave you. The space of what or who has left you only makes room for what needs to come. Thank them. And you don't have to feel lonely after all. 


  1. i feel lonely when i remember old things... or some stuff that will like to happen again. at that times, phone calls.. people won't help the loneliness..not really lonely la...more like my pms. haha

  2. Agreed aemy...for me loneliness is an option..we dont fell lonely when we fill ourselves with good memories..



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