January 21, 2014

From Aemy's Lab: Gulai Kawah

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My favorite part of my house is the kitchen. Hi-5 if we have thing in common. ;)
Yep, I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen these days; not just eating, but also cooking. I'm not a great chef, I don't know all the recipes in the world, but I really love cooking. It's such a joy. I think if you're a food lover, you should love cooking too, right? I like trying new recipe and new ingredient. The kitchen is my laboratory. And I love reading food blogs, chef bloggers' especially, browsing food photos, watching Food Network (Ina Garten, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay are my favorites) and searching new recipes. Did you watch Julie And Julia? Isn't it a wonderful movie with wonderful casts?! It has inspired me so much to start blogging about cooking. I actually wanna wait until I own a house with cute kitchen. But I don't know when will that happen..so I guess I can just start blogging like Julie Powell anytime..except, I don't have Julia Child's book.

Few days ago I cooked gulai kawah beef. It's like curry, but I didn't use the curry paste, instead I used a special powder mix for gulai kawah that my dad bought from his Kelantanese friend. Traditionally, this dish is cooked in a large cooking crater and usually for big feast or ceremony. But we can also cook it at home for few servings by only using a regular saucepan. So this is how Chef Aemy do it, lol (I've never wrote recipe before, so I don't have the exact measurement, I mean, I just use the ingredients as much as I please..heee..).

Beef. People commonly use tenderloin, but I use the bones because they really give distinctive flavor especially in broth.
Gulai kawah paste.
Herbs and spices (cinnamon, bunga cengkih, bunga lawang, buah pelaga, ketumbar).
Coconut milk.
Brown sugar.
Tamarind water.
Ground garlic and onions.
Chili paste.
Ground ginger.
Ground turmeric.
Ground lengkuas.
Salt and sugar.

1. Heat the saucepan, add oil and stir-fry the herbs and spices until the aroma is apparent. Add grounded ingredients and stir-fry for a couple of minutes.
2. Add gulai kawah paste, chili paste and kerisik, cook until fragrant and the oil separates.
3. Put the beef meat and bones into saucepan, add plain water, and cook them until the beef get tender.
4. When the beef is tender, add coconut milk, a little bit of brown sugar and tamarind water. Adjust the taste with salt and sugar. Add potatoes.
5. Let it simmer for a while. Serve when it's ready. You can put some garnishes like some chili or parsley.

That's it! ^^

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