July 8, 2014

Isn't So Hard to Find

If your heart is hurt, it can be healed again.

Here's proof: There are couples overflowing with joy. Grateful to have found each other. I call it a miracle that's meant to be.

Before forever, of course, there's fear. Fear that we'll never find the one. Fear that the longing we feel is just a phantom itch without an object. We long for someone. It's a very real and specific someone that we don't know yet. Experience hasn't given form to them. We don't know their hobbies, the things they like, the way they eat, the way they like their coffee. We don't know who. And yet we wait.

And then one day, you walk into a place and find love. Despite the tears and all the time, it feels sudden. It's so surprising that all it took was this one moment. A moment that will forever separate the "before" and "after." Really, that's all we're waiting for..just one. One moment. One person.

Which isn't so many, isn't so impossible, isn't so hard to find. :)


  1. yes it isn't so hard to find.. if only i know my exclassmate going to be my husband i will skip all the heart ache i've been through with another exes.. terus ja suruh dia masuk meminang..kah3x cos he always there bah selama ni haish huhuhu

  2. love this! been there done that :D

  3. It just takes that one person to change your life forever! This is a quote from a book: "None of your relationships will work out...until you find the one that does." That says it all!

  4. wow. this is so deep :) it really touch my heart. love it :D


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