July 2, 2014

Sweet Green Rolls

Taken from MalaysianFood

Just because we can't eat and drink this month, doesn't mean we can't talk or write about food, right? ;) 
It's the 4th Ramadan and it's been good. I haven't set a foot at any bazaars yet to buy food for iftar. Well, I just don't feel like going because I prefer self-cooked meals. As you know, I always find joy in cooking even in fasting month. Though it's quite a challenge because I can't taste the food to know whether it needs more salt or sugar, it's still fun. Sometimes you don't need the specific recipe to cook what you want, you just have to follow your instinct. 

So yesterday, I made a traditional Malaysian dish: Pandan Crepe with Coconut Filling. You know, the sweet coconut stuffed green roll. Yes it's green but I don't use any artificial coloring, the color is 100% made from pandan juice. Here we call it as kuih ketayap or kuih lenggang. At some places it's called Sweet Nyonya Pancake Roll, kuih dadar, etc. It's my mom's specialty and one of my favorites. So I've learned the recipe from her and tried to make it by myself. So here's the recipe:

The filling
3 cups grated coconut
150 g palm sugar (gula Melaka), chopped
1 tablespoon white sugar (optional)
2 pandan leaves, knotted
A pinch of salt

How to make the filling:
1. Mix palm sugar, knotted pandan leaves and water in a pot. Boil until the sugar melts.
2. Take out pandan leaves and set aside
3. In a clean wok, caramelize white sugar by heating.
4. Add palm sugar mixture into the caramelized sugar.
5. Add the grated coconut and salt, mix thoroughly.
6. Keep stirring so the coconut doesn't burn and cook until almost dry.
7. Transfer to a bowl and let cool.

The batter
2 cups flour, sieved
1 egg, beaten
6 pandan leaves (or more), blended with water
A pinch of salt
1 tablespoon corn oil

How to make the batter:
1. Put the flour and salt into a mixing bowl, make a well at the center.
2. Pour in the beaten egg, pandan juice and corn oil, whisk slowly. Make sure the batter's not lumpy and add in a little more water if it's too thick.
3. Set aside for at least half an hour.

How to prepare Pandan Crepe with Coconut Filling:
1. Heat up a non-stick pan over a low flame and lightly grease with a little oil/butter. Pour one scoop of batter into pan, tilt pan to form a thin crepe.
2. Fry on one side only. Once it's cooked, crepe is ready and remove it immediately.
3. Put a spoonful of the coconut filling on the crepe and roll it up like the spring roll.
4. Done and ready to serve.

They're burnt a little, just the way I like. 

Happy cooking! ^^


  1. "Sweet Nyonya Pancake Roll" nama tu sangat komersil ahaha.. kami panggil kue lenggang :D

  2. I called it kuih lenggang.. and one of my fave also. Wah.. lucky u bole buat kuih. Sy masih belum pernah try lg. Maybe someday.

  3. "Just because we can't eat and drink this month, doesn't mean we can't talk or write about food, right? ;) " - I like this sentence :)

    Ah, puasa. Tempting whenever bloggers who are fasting blog walk to food posts. And your post, sweet green role is like the kuih wajib whenever the people want to buka puasa in the evening. And personally, I like this kuih the most. Well, not first place but a tie in first place with kuih makmur wakaka.

    I've join puasa a few times before when I had a Muslim gf :) and when I was in university, even though I had breakfast but I skipped lunch so I can join my roommates who are fasting and then cook and eat in our rooms together :D

    Happy Friday tomorrow, and selamat berpuasa to you, Aemy!


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