June 30, 2018

Little Thing

It was fine saturday morning & no laundry today so i wanted to stay in bed longer but Qayla woke up SO early which was SO unlike her coz she usually wakes up at 9am like come on baby it's Saturday uggh & hubby's suddenly craving for Maggi curry with egg but i planned to make pancakes this morning but we only had 1 egg left so i cooked Maggi for him anyway with that 1 last egg & at the same time made Qayla's breakfast & preheated her bath & had a me time for 10 seconds by drinking honey then hubby complained about his curry noodles for having too little sauce which was his fault coz he let it cool for too long & i had to explain about the science of water absorption & he took picture of his bowl & put it on IGstory lol & we had a little more fight about the splattered oil & greasy stove & he blamed me for not using the right pan then i blamed him back for not buying a new pan & not cleaning the wall & stove regularly & then Qayla made a funny sound & danced in the bath tub & we laughed. Now i'm sleepy but gotta pack for balik kampung & get ready for a open house at cousin's house which i'm so excited about bcoz im hungry but Qayla's taking a nap & gotta wait til she wakes up 2 hours later huhuhu & here i am rambling about my ordinary life with my little family, all the charms & flaws, & those are the things that make us complete & happy ❤ Alhamdulillah..

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