September 16, 2013

2 in 1: Happy 50th and New Piece by Ifo

That's for my country. Happy 50th Malaysia Day! Well, despite that I'm not entirely independent (part of me still colonized, frankly speaking), I'm really proud of being Malaysian. 

Growing up, I feel so proud living in Malaysia. "Malaysia Truly Asiaaaaa....." the radio played. Gorgeous views, beautiful people, SALE, harmonious land where its people of different races, cultures and religion live side by side with each other; the TV showed me. It made me realize how amazing Malaysia is. The text books said so too and well, I see that in school too where kids regardless of race or their skin color, played with each other.

And then I grew up. I saw many awful things. So many racism happening, so many conflicts with the politics, how the government brainwashed us to think that we're perfect, we are ONE, and so on. We have one of the worst human rights issue, we don't recognize refugees and treated them badly, MORE RACISM, we have 1st class infrastructure but 3rd class mentality..the list goes on. 

But don't let me kill whatever love or hope you have towards Malaysia just yet, because despite all these flaws that we face, no countries, even its people, are perfect. Malaysia is not that bad after all. We can praise other countries for their development and crazy technology and kick ass government service, but at the end of the day, home's where the heart is. You can't reject something that you're born into just because it's not 100% perfect. I hate Malaysians who go around talking about Malaysia and praising other countries. Seriously. If you're not happy with Malaysia, migrate, change your nationality, live there, rot there and die there, and then you realize how it's not all perfect there too. It's the whole "grass is greener on the other side" mentality. What you see's not always true.

I love Malaysia. It's not perfect, yes, I have to agree, but it's home and that's the only place where you're treated warmly and with open hands. If you're in other country, who knows what kind of treatment you'd get because well, you're not one of their own. Having said that, it doesn't mean that we can just shut up and go about life as if nothing is wrong with our home. There's a lot of wrongs here and we need to fix it. We must do something to change the future of our nation. So come on, lighten up! Live life to the fullest and stop being such a killjoy! 

And by the way, I'd like to share some pieces by our local talents with you, lovelies. My man, Ifo, has composed 2 new songs entitled Luka and Aramaiti. The songs were sang by our dear friend Rizal and the music's amazingly arranged by Icco, and the whole thing is immensely supported by The Baks. They totally made it! You'll love it, I promise. Enjoy the songs!


[Verse 1]

Semalaman ku berfikirkan tentang kita berdua
Ku anggap kau dan aku selalu saling merindu
Purnama takkan berkekalan selamanya
Kita juga begitu
Ku ingin kau tahu

Kau cuba melupa, ku cuba fahami semuanya
Adakah kita kan bahagia seperti dulu?
Segala memori indah kita bersama
Semua menjadi palsu
Ku ingin kau tahu

Ku terluka, ku terluka
Melihat kau disana bersama dia
Ku taruhkan, ku taruhkan
Segala harapan kita yang telah kau hapuskan

[Verse 2]  
Ku menangis seorangan, kau gembira bersamanya
Tidak terlintas walau sesaat kau ingatkan ku
Dipukul ombak pilu ku kenang senyummu
Tapi bukan untukku
Apakah kau tahu


Apa yang ku lakukan
hanya untukmu sayang
Inikah yang ku trima?
Kau pergi tanpa kata

 Mungkin ini suratan
Ku redha ketentuan
Ku hanya ingin kau tahu sayang


Ooooooh (3X)

Kau hapuskan



Ku bangun ku terima mesej
Dari mu kata kau minta putus
Ku terus mandi buat tak peduli
Padahal hati sunggulah sedih

Kawanku datang kerumahku
Singgah pinjam baju
Bilangnya padaku

Jangan kau resah
Semua pasti okay
Lupakan semua duka
Kita bersama bergembira, Aramaiti!
Mari kita merasa
Muda selamanya

[Verse 2] 
Ku ke tempat kerja
Bos terus marah marah
Semua pun tak kena
aku pun boleh gila

Kawanku datang kepejabatku
Singgah hantar baju
bilangnya padaku



  1. hei. i love this song! dan tanpa disedari, sy selalu humming ni lagu. the chorus la. hihi. best!


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