September 1, 2013

You are Enough

Stop comparing where you're at with where everyone else is. It doesn't move you farther ahead, improve your situation, or help you find peace. It just feeds your shame, fuels your feelings of inadequacy, and ultimately, it keeps you stuck. The reality is that there is no one correct path in life. Everyone has their own unique journey. A path that's right for someone else won't necessarily be a path that's right for you. And that's okay. Your journey isn't right or wrong, or good or bad. It’s just different. Your life isn't meant to look like anyone else’s because you aren't like anyone else. You're a person all your own with a unique set of goals, obstacles, dreams, and needs. So stop comparing, and start living. You may not have ended up where you intended to go. But trust, for once, that you have ended up where you needed to be. Trust that you are in the right place at the right time. Trust that your life is enough. Trust that you are enough.


  1. it is ok to compare ours with others if we think that comparison is worth.. i mean giving us postive vibe... and vice versa. but im sick of people who comparing each other and make me down..

    cheers aemy..

  2. I compare myself with successful people from time to time. It gives me the motivation to do better and to do more to improve myself. But comparing for the negative side is definitely one that I hate the most.

    And by the way, can't help but wanted to tell you that I love those roses around the shades. Those are resins, aren't they?


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