February 11, 2015

And So I Write

I've missed blogging this past week. Though lately, my posts have become more and more sporadic, there's something freeing about sitting down and writing. I've always loved writing, ever since I was little, stringing words together to create something has excited me. And blogging gives me the arena to say what I need to say, gives me room to write what's on my heart. Writing is a passion and I'm grateful for the gift of this little online journal of mine.

There are many things I've been pondering lately. I'm in a new season of life and there are countless changes and choices coming up. Decisions and new paths that are necessary, yet hard. Because while change can be good, it's still tinged with melancholy. There's that sense of remembering what's gone and wishing for it, even though the future holds brighter promise than the past could have contained.

I'm working on several changes in my life right now; managing my time better. I lose time like leftover change, and unlike those bright pennies, time that's been wasted can't be found again. It's gone forever. And in my life, I've been coming the conclusion more and more that I need to work on how I spend my time. I long to be diligent, intentional, and authentic. Yet sometimes I view change as something that will just happen, and bam! There's a new me.

Change, however, is usually a gradual process; an incline that gets steeper along the journey and sometimes, you don't think that you'll ever reach the top. I'll always keep growing. But it's not a one time thing, not a spontaneous and instantaneous action that immediately transforms you. All that I can do is take my life as it is, a blessing, a day at a time and gradually grow into someone better. I choose to live intentional.

I fail, I flounder, fake, and fall down. We put ourselves into places from our sin that are far from Him. Yet He is always there, and no matter what, He is good. It's a choice to everyday live for Him. A life lived for Him isn't easy but it's the best kind of life there could be. I deeply desire to live a life that's meaningful, one that matters. A defined life is one that's lived for God. That's a life that I want to live. That's a life I'm going to live. There's no more "I'll do this tomorrow." Or putting it aside. I only have today and I won't let this gift of now fall by the wayside.

I have one life to live and I'm going to live it.

p.s: For those asking, yes, I'm currently working on a story. It's not finished yet. In the meantime, I'm planning to restart the short fictions on my blog. There are so many drafts at the moment and I'll publish them when the time comes. ^^

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