July 14, 2013

Always my Last


Dawn turns to day,
as stars are dispersed;
wherever I lay,
I think of you first.

The sun has arisen,
the sky, a sad blue.
I quietly listen -
the wind sings of you.

The thoughts we each keep,
that are closest to heart,
we think as we sleep -
and you're always my last.
Lang Leav

p.s: Cory Monteith is dead. I long for Finn Hudson. Glee without him is unimaginable and unbearable. I'm in the mourning.


  1. terkejut juga baca news pasal dia passed away. Kenapa ah, mereka yg berbakat selalu terlibat ngan benda2 yg x baik (ada baca dia ni addicted ngan dadah)..

  2. I don't understand these famous people. They have all the good things in life ahead of them as compared to most unfortunate people, yet, they wasted it on drugs or alcohol.


    What a waste of talent. And life. :(

  3. glee inda sama suda mcm selalu..itu pun kalau ada glee lagi kan :(


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