July 5, 2013

Fiction Friday: Unnoticed

Her back was towards the entrance, she did not see him enter but she knew he was there. She'd already felt his presence by tingling toes and the unwelcoming shivers running down her spine. It was like the old times, nothing had changed and she was glad about that. As excruciating as the feeling was, it connected her with him and she could never let go of it. She smiled at the irony.

Yesterday was the first time she had seen him since the day she walked out of his life. In that paralyzing moment when she had caught sight of his silhouette on that crowded street, she forgot the world and its meaningless inhabitants. She stood on the spot soaking in the sight, watching him as he walked past her. She was covered by the crowd, so he did not feel her presence in spite of the proximity, just like the old times he did not notice.

Fate had a twisted sense of humor, the fact that he should walk into the park and perch himself on the bench facing the gate was a live example of it. He had his back to the green trees lining the pond, he had his back to her. She stared at the figure for a long while. He hadn't changed much. She remembered their college days, she was the tomboy and he was the geek. While she loved being the center stage, he hid in the wings. She was the cheerful player, he was the silent spectator. She loved to talk, he was the most insightful listener. They were best friends. She thought they fit perfectly, she loved him and he loved her back too but only as a friend. Never in the years that they spent together did she ever tell him how she felt. One day, he told her that he loved someone else and she hated him for that, but she couldn't stop loving him either. She was an oxymoron personified. Eventually he got busier and she phased out. She knew he did not notice.

Years later, as she sat there staring at him, oblivious to her existence, she wondered what bad karma had haunted her for so many years that she had to hide from the only man she ever loved. Consumed in her thoughts, she lowered her eyes to the book on her lap blocking him from her vision. The figure on the bench turned around but she did not notice.


He sat on the bench lost in his thoughts. He was a man who was trying to fall out of love. The emotion had fooled him. He sat on that park bench cursing destiny that his first love had never materialized. Those eyes that followed him around had disappeared. They did not tell him stories anymore. He knew she never loved him the way he loved her. It hurt him. He longed for her to reciprocate his feelings, but she was clueless about them. She was his only friend, they fit perfectly. She was the yin to his yang. He loved her but she had never noticed.

Till now he wondered what evil had possessed him when he told her that he liked someone else. He meant it to be a harmless joke. But she caught on to the idea. Her eyes brightened at the thoughts but his face fell, she did not notice. Wallowing in self pity, he kept his distance from her. She too distanced herself from him. He could never get over her, they were in the same classes and he used to look at her with longing in his eyes, he missed her, but she never noticed.

Years later he sat here in a park, facing the gate rather than enjoying the view. He was here because he had felt her presence yesterday; just like the old days, he knew the eyes were watching him from somewhere. He had quickened his pace and returned to his hotel for the fear that the eyes would bewitch him again. He had his flight the next day, to kill time he had aimlessly walked around the city when he spotted the park where she used to love sitting under trees and reading.

When he entered he saw a pond lined with huge trees, he instantly knew she would have loved this place. He could not bear to sit around alone. He turned to leave, but the old sensation gripped him again, those eyes were following him. Absolutely powerless he sat on the bench relishing the sensation. It was nearly time for his flight, he could not delay it any longer, he got up and walked to the gate. just before stepping out he turned around once, someone was sitting behind the massive tree trunk engrossed in a book, but he did not notice.


  1. Awww... They didn't see each other to the end? T.T

  2. You could be a writer that I wouldn't miss to buy every copy of your book. :)

  3. I love this story the most. Somehow it struck my heart and I felt for both characters. How I wish they can be together even though there are misunderstandings between them...


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