March 30, 2014

Musings of a Math Teacher

Well, holiday is coming to an end, and I'll be going back to school as a math teacher. It's been a great holiday; I had a really great time with Ifo and my friends, watched an awesome movie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Seriously, you gotta watch it. It's brilliant!), rewarded myself with some fancy stuffs, etc. I also spent this holiday doing homework: checking math papers. I'm so glad I almost cry that most of my students pass the test, I mean, my effort paid off eventually. There's still a few students who don't get good scores, but it's not the end of the world though because I'm sure they can do better next time. So I showed it to my mom, the scores, as she's cooking dinner and she said what a great job I had done with them.

Truth is, even though I'm just a substitute teacher, but I get to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, just like other teachers. Each day, 90% of it is wonderful. I get to make a difference in kids' lives. I get to make them think about problems and ask questions. I get to encourage them and make them feel good about themselves. I get to challenge them and make them see others' points of view. For some, I get to be the person in their life who actually cares. I get to be one of the teachers who makes them change their opinion of math and to help them see how enjoyable it can be. Not every kid is going to be a math genius, but every kid should feel some kind of success every day in math class. That could range from being able to solve a two-step equation to simply being able to finally remember that three times four is twelve.

Then there's the other 10% of the day. This part of the pie-graph includes parents who don't believe me when I tell them that their kid misbehaved. It includes watching kids bully each other and knowing that sending the bullies to the principal is probably just going to make it worse. This part would include the kids who don't bring a pencil and a book to class because they honestly can't afford one. A fraction would be homework with just answers, and no work shown. A small percent would be dedicated to not having any time to actually create lessons during my planning time because I have a meeting about school activities. 

It has been a really nice break, but I'm beginning to actually picture the math that I taught my students flying out of their heads. Lol. I hope it's not true. 


  1. Being a teacher sure is a tough job....but really a good investment for akhirat.....spread the loves...(^_^)

  2. Anyone can be a teacher, but only a handfull can be a great teacher. Keep up the good work Aemy and I hope that the 10% doesn't get to you.

  3. I'm also waiting to watch Capt America; my son is always busy :< I'm so impressed that you teach Maths! I'm a language teacher, & I'm zero in numbers. Hahaha!

  4. Hello Math Teacher. I always wondering how does it feel to be a teacher.Honestly, I lose my anger very fast esp to a stubborn kids. I guest I could never always become a good teacher by then.

    Anyway, welcome back to work. Hope you have a good ones tomorrow!

  5. So you're now a substitute teacher? GREAT. Keep up the good work emy.. I seriously miss reading your blog. I'm off from blogging world now. But I'll be graduating from matrix soon so I guess I'll be back to blogging soon enough. Heeee. Have a great time.

  6. owh...i didn't know that ur are a math teacher..hehehe..amyway, agreed owith u on the Captain America Movie..CA is one of the best movie so far..much more better than the first one..hehehe


  7. When i was in elementary school i made a greetings card for my favourite teacher. And then i decided to put teacher on my ambition list just because i want a card from a my iwn student too konin. Funny but my favourite teacher back then give so much influence to me. Even just as a substitute, but u r lucky to have the chance to be a teacher. :-)


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