March 6, 2014

Need a Break

There's something to be said for disconnecting, for letting yourself do just one thing at a time. Such a foreign concept, right? Lately I've been making an effort to dial back on all the multitasking. To walk down the street without checking my phone, to eat a meal without reading twitter updates, to spend each night computer-free because, really, my eyes..and my sanity..need a break.

It's funny. In all of this, I feel as if I've returned to some piece of myself. As if some lighthearted, more carefree and childlike part of my personality has resurfaced. Or maybe I'm just living, you know? Maybe I'm just living and listening and noticing in a way that had been lost.

Being mindful is a pretty powerful thing, don't you think?


  1. Hye, saya suka baca blog awak, baru-baru ni saya ada buat blog harap awk boleh singgah dan follow blog saya. :)

  2. Yes, go and disconnect. You'll need it, I think. I think everyone needs it. At least once a week or something. You get what I mean. The day we don't go through our smartphones or social medias.

    I think I've done that for a long while now. And also because of work wakaka. But I miss the internet and social media so much. :D Wanna be active in all of them! lol.

    By the way, hope you had a good Friday.

  3. Eiii aemy sy pun mau try la eating witout checking my phone,Watching tv without checking the fb, berkursus dgn aman tanpa whatsup And driving without answering any of the phone call. Br sy sedar sy byk buat multitasking oo.


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