March 14, 2014

Rain, Finally

I spent the past week soaking up the sunlight, cherishing the bright blue skies and the clear sunsets, knowing full well that the rainy days were on their way. It arrived today, the rain, and I'm surprisingly thrilled. There hasn't been any rain in weeks, hardly any at all since I started teaching, and I've been missing that mood. The mood that can only be found on a rainy day.

I listen to music more often when it rains, quietly, so I can still here the drops. I drink more coffee. I read more, write more, take baths just because. I watch movies I've meant to see for years. I cook; stews and soups, foods that leave you warm and fulfilled. I clean and catch up with friends, occasionally attempt an art, and I lie there, half awake, half dreaming, and watch the water blur the view from my window.

Yes. I've missed the rain.


  1. Baru hujan? Alhamdulillah. huhu. Ranau selalu juga hujan ni. sangat sejuk sudah cuaca disini sekarang.

  2. walaupun hujan inda telampau lebat but at least ada la bikin kasi sejuk dunia yang panas kan aemy


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