April 7, 2014

When Life Gives you Bitter Melon

If I were to write the nasty food column, bitter melon or bitter gourd would be at the top of my list of underappreciated vegetables. True to its name, the squash is unabashedly bitter, with an acerbic taste that leaves your tongue and the roof of your mouth dry. I couldn't understand people who love it, especially those who eat it raw. My mom loves to serve it as kerabu but I still don't like it because it gives me stomach acid.

Most of you out there would have bitter gourd in your hate list. I was one among you until my aunt came the other day bringing fried bitter gourd. I didn't know it was bitter gourd at the first place, it looked like tempura or something but I didn't care enough to ask because it smelled so nice. So I ate it joyfully, it was crispy, savory..just the way I liked it. Then they told me it's actually bitter gourd. And I was like, OMG how can bitter gourd taste so good?? It's not bitter at all! I was so shocked with that new discovery that I had a feeling that my entire life has been a lie. Lol. Too much. :p 

So I asked for the recipe and tried to make it on my own. So this is how to turn hate into love:

Bitter gourd
Kentucky flour
Black pepper
White pepper

1. Slice the bitter gourd, remove the seeds and cottony part. Wash the slices and keep them aside.
2. Put minced garlic, peppers and salt into the whisked egg.
3. Toss in slices of bitter gourd into the egg mixture and mix them well.
4. Evacuate the slices from the egg mixture and dip them into Kentucky flour, make sure they're fully coated, then immediately fry in the hot oil. Deep fry until they're golden brown.

It might still taste bitter a little bit, but better then it was. At least it's edible.
Well, it's a whole new definition to the saying "when life gives you lemon..."
Except when life gives you bitter gourd, make them not bitter. Lol.


  1. my mom's teach me if you soak the bitter gourd in salt water for couples of hours, the bitter will diminish...(^_^)

  2. Sya pun baru ja belajar makan ni..rendam dalam air garam hilang juga rasa pahit..my housemate dulu selalu buat mcm ni but x pernah sempat makan..laku ba hihi i'm gonna try this! thanks for sharing Aemy :)

    turn hate into love; haha love it!

  3. ahhh. i love this! i love the bitter taste. sedap buat sayur, bagi tumis dengan ikan bilis dan bawang or buat kerabu. nyum! hihi. bagus juga peria ni. kasi kurang kencing manis :)


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