May 31, 2014

Best Days of Our Lives Haven’t Happened Yet

Someday I will host dinner parties and you will always be invited. We'll eat lovely food and perhaps the first time I'll try and have a hand at cooking a real big meal. If it doesn't work so well, the next time I'll just have something ordered-in. But nevertheless, food will be plenty and drinks will be flowing. 

We'll come together and every single time the conversation will start with something along the lines of, "where does the time go? It seems just like yesterday..." and for a moment we'll all sigh and smile at that truth, and the fact it'll be mentioned, just the same, at our next dinner party. We'll then talk of our lives. We'll share in roars of laughter and bicker about politics and how some of us still listen to Taylor Swift..but only because our quirks and differences are what we truly love about one another. We'll reminisce about all the memories we share and chuckle at our past selves.

"How could we have been so silly?" we'll say.

"We worried about so many unnecessary things!" we'll all agree.

We'll laugh until we cry and cry until we laugh. We'll find ourselves chatting on and on about how our loves drive us bonkers but we all will smile at one another, knowing that none of us would trade them for anything. We will then joke and point out our most embarrassing moments and then we'll sigh and say in unison, "how did we get through all of that?" And we'll not say it aloud, but in our hearts we will think, "it was crazy, exhausting and one of the most confusing times of our lives but we wouldn't change it for the world."

"Not one bit," we will silently repeat.



  1. Lovely. I wouldn't want to change the past if I were given any chance. Except for the part where my loved ones passed.

  2. andu bah terharu pula..!sob !sob

    ya bah.. saya kerja partime sini library kk :D

  3. something to look forward to, beautiful :)

  4. hi aemy...

    once suda kawin nnt masing2 ada family nnt really limited time to spend with the girlfriends... we shud cherish evry moment. hihi sa pun teringat ni my teenage years.. silly

  5. sweet, We ride together we cook together... Housewife for life...hahahaha..don't forget to invite me too and please host it before uolls get married..hahahaha


  6. You're like the Taylor Swift of blogger version. Because every single thing you write is just so lovely. I love reading your blog aemy!


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