May 24, 2014

Music and Memory

I've always been a music person. I mean, I'm not a musician but I really love music. Everyone's a music person, of course, but there have been phases of my life when music seemed to take center stage, when I listened to it so often that silence felt rare and sort of strange. When I listened to it so often that I found myself thinking in verse, bridge, chorus. Sometimes I feel that every moment deserves its own song, its own lyrics, and still those memories are backed by their own soundtrack in my mind.

I was 8 and playing Lego on a playdate with my friends and we were talking about going to Disneyland together someday.

The night he texted me for the first time and I went all giddy.

It was midnight, the windows were down and the air was warm. I wore his sweater that smelled like popcorn and couldn't understand why some things ever needed to change.

I sat on a bench looking at the sea, missing old friends. Feeling hopeful. It's the first instrumental song I ever really loved, the one that taught me that words can't say everything. Not even close. 

Best friends, unhealthy snacks, girl-talk, and nothing else mattered.

I nervously drove his car and decided everything would be all right.

Manila, picnics, movies and simple hangouts..the time in my life when I felt most fearless, most daring. I laughed and wrote about it and laughed more and learned what it meant to both love and endure.

From a time when I was both heartbroken and in love, both afraid and elated beyond words.

Road trip and my awesome family.

I was cooking for dinner with friends and he stood there in the kitchen and smiled, saying nothing and everything I needed to hear.

It was crowded and there was smoke clouding the air, smell of BBQ chicken, a scratchy microphone, a small stage, and a band we'd never heard of who made a cover of Paramore's song and it sucked. I watched his easy smile and felt the realization of forever.

Linking experience and emotion to music, it's nothing new, I know. It's common, as natural as anything, but don't you think it's one of the most beautiful habits we have? I find myself collecting songs, in case they'll someday suit a fleeting moment. Silly, maybe. Or maybe not. Do you have a favorite song memory? What is it? ^^


  1. I can relate to this. Moments by Westlife reminded me of my childhood. Take me home country road by John Denver reminded me of home since now i am miles away from home :)

  2. Dui sia ingat Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin haha. You should listen to that one, you like music kan. But I guess you know or heard it before.

    For me, there's this one song. It's a piano solo from a game that I played, Final Fantasy X. There's no singing, just the sound of piano. I like it so much. Especially before going to bed.

    When I finished the game (which has a lot of story-telling and features the importance of family and friendship), I was like on the bed and this is the song that came out when the game ended. Makes me think of how many hours I wasted playing pc games and not concentrating on my family or social life. It sounds silly but this game actually made me rethink back about life and everything. Wakaka.

    Sorry, comment yang sot lagi :D

  3. err ya.. sometimes bila dengar lagu it will remind me of something.. kadang-kadang tak related pun lirik dengan situasi tu.. but ketika perkara tu berlaku lagu tu je yang balik-balik kita dengar dengan tak sengaja.. erk do u understand what im trying to say ahaha..

  4. hey aemy.. during my time lagu2 yng best is BSB , westlife.... one of my fav is my love..hihi... that young old days.. puppy

  5. too much quality song in one list here..hehehe..sometimes when i go to sleep i love to play a song and imagine that im the one who sing the song..hahaha...



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