May 11, 2014


Moms are great. 
And we should celebrate them every day of the year. 
Because every day is Mother's Day, when it comes to the person who gave you life. 
You're continually amazed by how much love a mom can have, and how much she gives every day. 
You never forget the sacrifices she made for you. 
And now that you're a little bit older, you understand that even though she could be tough, she only wanted the best for you. 
And all you ever wanted was to make her proud and to make her smile. 
She taught you how to be a good person and that it's the little, everyday gestures that really matter. 
So make sure you're always there for the ones who were there for you from the start. 

Happy Mother's Day. ^^


  1. Sebiji ba kan muka kamu haha.

    And yes, everyday is Mother's Day! Hehe. Especially for those single moms. Macam mum sia :D


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