January 27, 2015

The Lists

Lists are so dear to me partially because they're unique to the moment you wrote them. From grocery lists, from to-do-lists detailing the day (run in the morning, write and read in the afternoon, piece time together for tea around 4). The "here-now" of these lists tug my heart, and I see some crossed off, others standing bold and waiting to be done. Make soup for dinner, Chinese fried rice and steamed chicken. Bundle up before a walk, remember a cardigan. Buy more apples. Pick up dry leaves on the driveway. 

If I was a poet I'd write a piece but for now, I'll catch syllables between rhythms and round the rhymes into letters half between cursive and print that range from words between clean my room and buy a birthday gift for my sister. And yet, there's a piece caught between the lines. My line is cast and I sit quietly in a boat, holding my pole tight and waiting to snag words. I'm a fisher woman of stories and stories in all forms, from photos to books to music to drawings to designs to the halfway letters of a list not finished. I collect the discarded grocery lists in the bottom of my purse, the leftover pages of a packing list for weekend getaway crumpled in the pocket of my bag, a few hurried lines of to-do before lunch.

There's a beauty and grace to the change of seasons and the differences that come in our homes and hearts within them. Some days are for quiet and abundance of simple. If we had a hearth, ours would be lit. I'm sucker to the romantic and pretty things but will not disregard the simple, because honesty is the best. 

Things that catch my eye:
wispy curls
steam and smoke and fog
dabs of color
continuity errors in movies

Books I'm reading:
I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak
Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Songs that I could hear over and over again:
Yellow by Coldplay
When It Rains by Paramore
100 Years by Five for Fighting
Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.
Happen Ending by Epik High
Chandelier by Sia

Things I don't want to purchase (but need to anyways):
a haircut
a power bank
new bag
new jeans
an iPod

What I want to get better at this year:
going to bed early
giving grace (always)
being intentional with my time
eating healthier
creating art that matters
baking gluten free
getting fit

Some things I'm excited about:
traveling plans
being healthy
the weekend
going shopping for food
making lasagna
new job

Names I like:

Plans for the rest of the week.
take a walk
go out for lunch and coffee
order pizza
mail postcards
get my inbox cleaned
tidy my room and declutter and simplify

Outside my window:
bird nest on a tree
an acrylic sky painted blue
slippers on neighbor's roof
cat's footprints on sandy pavement
sunlight warm across the neighborhood


  1. u give me an idea to write something on my blog now. Loves all ur list.

    Btw, i hate "Gwen". I used to love that name but not anymore. Perhaps because i get bullied by a person with that name a lot.

    Mine if i copy cat this in my blog?? mcm tag ba..lol

    1. Thx ^^

      Oh screw that Gwen! That person don't deserve that name. Haha.

      Yeah sure, copy anyway ;)

  2. You really are good writer Aemy. Enjoyed every of your posts even I didn't leave any comments :) Keep it up and thank you for inspiring :)

  3. Aemy! Yo hehe.

    Have you ever considered writing your own book? Like seriously, you have the talent and all.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Aemy, dalam banyak2 list tu yang paling kuat tarikan dia wedding.

    Can't wait to see u on your w-day. haha..

    jangan kasi lama aemy. hihi

  5. saya agak terkejut semasa melawat blog anda cik aemy. no pinky color. is it the sign of maturity or what? lol. just kidding. ketara lama x visit sini kan. haha
    i love all your song list especially the 'somewhere only we know'. :)


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