October 6, 2012

From Cakes to Hinava

Hey loves! ^^

I can barely dedicate myself consistently on blogging nowadays. I don't know, but I'm not as avid as before. I miss writing down my thoughts and turning them into poetry. Even my reading routine has slowed down. I've stopped observing the finest things around me and been chasing the time. Perhaps I gotta stay this way for a while, for my final year sake..thesis and all. Huhu....

Anyway, here's a little recap of my birthday. Heee...
Zillion thanks to everyone for the wishes; through messages, calls, Fb posts, tweets, Instagram, and blogs. I appreciate all of them that meant a lot to me. It's the most memorable birthday so far (despite the age), because I celebrated it with my housemates this year. Since my brother gave me 2 pieces of Secret Recipe's cakes as a gift that night; chocolate cake and durian cheese cake, so my housemates decided to throw a mini party. They sang a birthday song so loud the people next door could hear it. 

double two XD
thanks, bro!

We had no cake candles, but they insisted me to blow a scented candle instead. Better than nothing, they said. So I blew it, for the 1st time since..I don't know, forever? :p We didn't take any pictures as we're all in Pj's. Lol. Well, in a way, it's wonderful.
Another thing that kept me smiling all day was this:

Thank you, Google! ^^

At least there's something to be remembered and make me smile whenever I recall it. On the other side, I'm trying to give a complete commitment and attention to my final year study. Beside thesis, I'm also attached on product development as one of requirements of my course. So me and my team are currently working on a development of soy pancakes. Yeah it sounds simple, but actually it's not that easy as we have to replace the main ingredients with soy; soy milk, black soy flour (we made it ourselves), soy oil, 

Me and Stacy
Hinava seaweed pizza

The difficult part is to stabilize the amount of each ingredient to create a yummy taste. So we've made a lot of try-and-errors so far. Tiring, but it's fun. I've also got to taste other teams' product such as fish patties, potato balls, sweet potato crackers, hinava seaweed pizza (my favorite), and chicken cake. This is what we do in food tech, mixing and matching while keeping the nutritional value. Heeee...


  1. Wow, it's fun to see u in the kitchen too! Well done, Aemy!

  2. hoolo aemy, lama suda nda blogwalking page ko ni..macam mana la rasa dia tu hinava seaweed pizza kunun.hehe.

  3. Google wished you birthday! Cool. I forgot if I checked the site when it was my birthday. Hahaa.

    Wow what interesting ingredients for a pizza. Would really like to have a taste of that kalo ada chance. Hehee.

    Happy Monday, Aemy!

  4. Waaa.. what a nice brthday celebration there ^_^
    btw, it must be fun rite learning all those food processing stuffs? it looks great :)

    have a good day :))

  5. Hebat juga Aemy, google kasi wish birthday?


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