October 27, 2012

Love Like French

Tu me manques. Phonetically it'd be something like “too muh mahnk”.
It's the French way of saying “I miss you.”
But literally it could be translated to "you are missing from me.”

I've been told that the French-speaking people don't use this sentence or expression as casually as English-speaking people do. Well I'm not surprised.

If you feel that a part of you is physically missing, as in someone used to fill that space and now they're gone, it wouldn't be something you casually say like “missed you at lunch today.”

Anyway, I love that. 
You're missing from me. You're a part of me, essential to my being. You're like a limb, or an organ, or blood. I can't function without you. Okay that's too much. I don't mean to be so touchy-feely tonight. :p

Je t'aime. ^__^


  1. nice one sis,
    tu me mangues,

    hence the 'U complete me'
    Tom cruise-jerry mcguire


    1. hahaha..ok it takes me minutes to figure that out..hahahah :p

  2. i've always dream of learning different languages because it just way too exciting.. and french is one of it.. hehe ^^

    merci. je'taime. the only phrases that i familiar with ;DD

  3. among all foreign languages, french is my favorite & i really want to learn it ^^

  4. kak aemy , I like your blogskin. cntik >.<


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