October 31, 2012

We Do What We Do

This is the best way to describe my field, because most people, even my family, thought it's all about cooking. We're not chefs, we're food technologists. 

Have a great time. I love you. ^^

P.S: Ramesh Kumar, whoever and wherever you are, the infographic is so cool, thank you for making it. 


  1. LOL! I'm glad my husband's a trained culinary chef so i dont have problem understanding between a chef and food technologist....

  2. hehe. mengingatkan saya time study dulu. saya study hotel management and most peoples ingat kami kerja di hotel n lebih teruk ada org tua yg anggap kami ni kerja di hotel (yg gro). hahaha. Lucu walau agak kasihan punya tanggapan.

  3. looks like there are diff between chef's and food technologist..hehe..nice presentation..hehehe



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