November 2, 2012

All the Happiness

I somehow find that little kids are such remarkable resources for wonderment and ideas (such as now, as in writing :p). I love listening them talking so expressively and excitedly about things like their drawings, toys, favorite cartoons, etc.
It's not that I'm ready to have kids, duhhh. I've got 7 nephews and 4 nieces, 5 of them are still little, and the girls have been so close to me. I'm an observant, even at home. I see how they play and talk among them, which leads me to understand how their minds work.

I know this is just one of the finest thing. But I wish we're able to foster that child-like wonder in life, rather than becoming jaded, less satisfied by the most simple of things. I'm not saying that we have to act like kids. That's not what I meant. It's a perspective that we can look when uninspired, disinterested and hardened by trials of life.

It's easy to become cautious and weary of life. Being an adult comes with a lot of stress. Since we can't turn back the clock, I think it's important to keep the child-like trust and happy-go-luckiness alive within ourselves.

I hope you get yourself in awe this weekend and find excitement in something we usually find so normal. And I hope you could laugh like a child, a laughter that comes from your heart, healing your pains and worries with every gasp and squeal of happiness.
I wish you all the happiness. ^^


  1. My source of fun-youthful life comes from working with children. and im glad.

  2. Everyone have their happy and sad/ stress moment. Even kids are stress to drink milk at some extend. haha :D

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