November 20, 2012

Tinggi lagi Sayang sama Kamu

My family and I were having a holiday trip recently at Mesilau Kundasang. We rented a 2 storey house at Kundasang Islamic Training Centre, a place for Islamic programs like seminars, fardhu ain classes, school excursions, etc. We picked the place instead of hotel or chalet because it's cheaper (RM70 per room for 1 night - we got discounts as the principle of the centre is actually my brother's friend) and big enough for my entire family. It's fully furnished and so exquisite and completed with a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, 3 master bedrooms, a single bedroom, and even a barbecue set. 

The only problem was that the water heaters didn't function well. Who would want to take a cold shower when living at cold foggy highland where the temperature's between 10-15 degree Celcius? No one. So the option we had was either boil the water manually or walk to hostels next door to have shower with heater. I did both. :p

welcoming gate
the house
living and dining room
the kitchen
one of the bedrooms

Well the shower problem wasn't a big deal at all because we really had a great time there.
We spent the 1st day of trip going to Desa Cattle Farm and I got to witness the processing of milk from cow milking to packaging of Desa's milk. It's fun to see the cows waiting and queuing up for their turn of milking, it's like they know what to do. The processing seems easy but I know it's not, especially in terms of controlling and assuring quality. Been there, done that. We also bought lots of cartons of chocolate milk at lower price. Have I told you how much I love Desa's chocolate milk?


me and mum buying fresh milk

That 1st night, we had barbecued chickens and seafood at the house for dinner. Thankfully the kitchen was perfect and we brought along foods to be cooked which were enough for 3 days. Otherwise we'd starve because there's no restaurant around and the town's too far.

my brother's barbecuing the chickens

We went to Poring Hot Springs the next day as demanded by the kids. I didn't do much of the soaking, I was busy guarding my niece in the hot tub instead. Besides, it's so crowded and I wasn't really interested in sharing a tub with strangers. I mean, my skin's being sensitive lately, so..

family photo ^^

The best part among all the fun things we had during this trip was the morning view at the Islamic centre. I went out at dawn, walked to mosque and wait there to witness the sunrise. And when the sun was up, there it go, the majestic Mount Kinabalu was standing tall in front me. I could clearly see the peak and hear the sound of waterfalls. It was so amazing. While enjoying the view, I was wondering if I'll ever get to conquer the mountain. Someday perhaps. ^^

tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu, tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu ^^


  1. The house looks great! How much without discount dear?

    1. errr...i need to ask my brother 1st..hehe..

  2. awesome. i never been there but i wish i got the chance to go there very soon.and i have to agree, i love their milk too. its really hard to get desa cattle here and in fact they dont have it at all here. too bad.

  3. going to ask the same Qs as Dora.. how much was it for one house? Hehe..
    I went to Desa cattle for a few time already, but I never seen the milking process, selalu missed ni.. >.<

  4. Lama sdh sya mau p desa cattle farm tpi tdk jak dpt pigi. Next year pnya plan la ni hehe...

  5. Lama sdh sia mo p desa cattle farm tpi inda ja kesampaian. Next year lah kali. BTW, sa suka tengo the last pic. Amazing!

  6. If we went to Kundasang for cuti-cuti we'll surely visit Desa Cattle Farm. Best! :D

  7. Oh wow! I've never been there despite living in Sabah for my whole life now.

  8. best best.. I call desa cattle as Lil New Zealand..


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