November 14, 2012

The Awesome Bloggers Gathering 2012 - We Made It!

The Awesome Bloggers Gathering 2012 (#TABG2012) is a splendid event held at Party Play, Lintas KK on 10th November 2012. We had Cute Blogger Gathering last year which was a blast. For this year, we had another one with the new name (it's not that we aren't cute anymore, we're just getting awesome :p jk), organized by none other than the famous Arms and Aki.

TABG2012 was a total success as more new faces were coming and it's really nice to meet all of them in person. We had so much fun that night. So I met Arms, Aki, Tom, Chegu Carol, Flo, Nowriz, Beaty, Shery, Wan Lei, and Elwyna once again. Yes, I've met them before and it's so good to have the 2nd meetup. And I finally got to meet Vanessa, Dyana, Anne, Wency, Nathalie, Wendy, Diana and Edith for the first time. They're such wonderful people to hang out with, as wonderful as their writings in blogs.

....and gentlemen

The best thing's we didn't feel awkward at all. Maybe we did, but just a little bit. It's like we've known each other since forever and honestly I felt like meeting my long-lost friends. ^_^

Most of us followed the dress code which was single color from head to toe. I came up with light blue; blue scarf, blue dress, blue pants and oops, brown bag and shoes. Aki's attire was my favorite as he seriously showed up wearing yellow! :p Congratulations to Arms and Chegu Carol for winning the best attires. Just like prom king and queen. Heee.. Anyway, everyone looked gorgeous that night.
We also had gift-exchange session, a tradition of this gathering. I got Hello Kitty's honey strawberry facial masks from Wendy the Vibrant Kitty. Thank you so much, Wendy. I've been thinking to start pampering myself, so I need these masks. ^^

I'm genuinely still happy about the meetups. We made it! I am really looking forward to attend the next gathering and meet them again. It's next year. Time flies, anyway. :) I wish we could see each other anytime, anywhere, without waiting for another year to come. You know, like, bump into one of them somewhere in town so we can have a nice cup of tea? It'd be nice. Heeee.. ^^

And those who were absent that night, I wish you could make it next time. :p 

courtesy of Diana Teo
(From left behind: Dyana, Flo, Beaty, Edith, Anne, Nowriz, Wan Lei, Shery, Elwyna, me, Wendy, Diana, Ifo and Arms. From left front: Nowriz's husband, Tom, Aki, Nathalie, Chegu Carol and Vanessa)

Until we meet again!


  1. New faces ^^ that is nice
    a little bump I could not make it but seems you all have a great time with or without me hahaha
    Will try to go next time

  2. ramai plak kamu kan myy....
    aku baru nmpk ko invite aku tu lepas kamu jumpaa..
    jarang ku be fb bhaaa.. btwit slalu la d nampak. kalo ku buka pn guna fon, nda nmpk event bah..


  3. Great meeting ya. Next time I'll try to come. hehe..

  4. thanks for the post aemy.. nice one.. been missing everyone already.. Hahahahaha..

  5. Ya, til we meet again. Mcm inda sbr pula next gathering :)

  6. c Aki jg la plg outstanding! heheh..

  7. Lovely and awesome all of u here! Sad that i didnt manage to join this gath. Btw lookin forward to the nxt year one! Hehe. Well done guyss ^______^

  8. Had a great night... looking forward to meet u again chomel. ;)

  9. u all really have a good time. Mind if i join next time? I guess i need to be an active blogger by then...

  10. Nice to met all awesome bloggers and hope can meet u all next time

  11. This is so cool! I've always wanted to meet you. hehe :p


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