November 3, 2012

The Best Way to Shake Off Stress

We've heard about many typical ways to manage stress. How many of us do really put them into practice? Well, exercising is actually the perfect way to release stress. And I've found some simple and cute steps of stress-releasing exercise. Let's do this. 

Step 1
Of course, breathe...inhale, exhale..

Step 2
Relax your neck and shoulders by doing this:

Step 3
Swing your arms and strike a pose!

Step 4
Move your body to the right, then to the left.

Step 5
Move again to the left and right again. Yeah that's right.

Step 6
Swing your arms lightly like you're going to fly without troubles.

Step 7
Shake your body a little bit, you know, to shake off the problems.

Step 8
Be aggressive! Throw your body away like nobody's watching. You can jump if you want.

Step 9
Turn your head around..

Step 10
Grab somebody and loosen up together. It'd be nice if you turn up music.

Step 11
Dance like Hawaiian hula girls.

Step 12
Last but not least, raise your hand up to sky and say "I am awesome!".

LOL. You can try these steps at home, office or anywhere. I hope you'll be free from any kind of stress. Heeeee......
Good luck, be happy and have a great weekend! ^^


  1. LOL.
    I should use this one, to shake my stress out.
    I love Step #8 the most :3

    1. i love step 7..haha..
      u should try it out! ^^

    2. I probably should. But I can't since my roommates are with me :3

    3. hey why not, ajak la dorang'd be fun! XD haha

  2. Replies
    1. maybe you can try some of them in the kitchen, dear..hehehe

  3. haha.. rasa macam orang gila seja sy d bilik sorang2 buat benda ni..
    assignment punya pasal la ni.. haha..

    1. you betul2 buat..? berkesan right?? hahaha..well done! :p

  4. haha i should try this! awesome!!! :D thanks for sharing this sis ;)

    1. you really should my dear. don't get stress! ;)

  5. gangnam dance also would help haha

    1. yeah and add some of the above moves to gangnam style, it'd be fun. hehe

  6. Okay this is cute hahahahhaha XD *imitating stepp 11*

  7. or i'll just read this over and over again to have a great laugh :D


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