November 24, 2012

We Own the Night

The closer it gets to end of year, the busier I become. It seems like everything demands to happen all at once, then I get exhausted for juggling from one thing to another. But I like it, I love doing things and get busy, even I stress out sometimes. But it's better than nothing, better than monotonous days. Besides, I'm not an indoor type, I can't stand spending the whole week without going out. 

Anyway, I went to prom last Friday night. It's an annual dinner of my faculty, as known as Aims Night, held at Nexus Karambunai Ballroom. The theme of the night was Hollywood Walk of Fame. So I came up with Nichii ruffled black dress, red scarf, glittered clutch and wedges. I'm not sure if it suited the theme but I just wanted to go neat and simple. 

heeee..... ^_^

No one goes to prom alone. Of course, I came with Ifo. ^^
We sat at the same table with my friends; Nelly and her boyfriend (Edone - which is also Ifo's cousin), Fiza, Lizzie, Constance, Izzaz (who turned out to be the Prom King), Voon and Ramesh. Let's just say that our table was so 1 Malaysia and really fun. I had splendid moments sitting and enjoying the meals with them. We talked, laughed and took a lot of pictures. Wicked!

with friends 

the whole batch ^^

The meals were great too. We had crab meat with sweet corn soup, Thai style deep fried fish, roasted chicken, fried prawns with orange salad sauce (my favorite), braised bean curd with broccoli, stir fried tong chow rice, and ice longan tofu delight.

I guess it's the last prom I attended for my degree study in UMS. It's so wonderful to meet everyone who looked so gorgeous, glam and elegant. We owned the night. ^^

hey hey ;)


  1. You look nice aemy.. you guys owned the night indeed.. :)

  2. Wow, who's that gorgeous-looking girl??

  3. Gorgeous Aemy! :D the black dress looks really nice on you :) and i love your clutch hehe


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