November 30, 2012

Perfect Piece of Forever

Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 was the best one among all series.
Picking up from part 1, Bella awakened as a vampire. I loved her hair, her make up, oh she's so beautiful. I loved this version of Bella, rather than the clumsy, lip-biting, sulky, stuttering one. Now she's not only beautiful, she's also a strong vampire that's more than capable of taking care of herself.

The fight between Cullens and Volturi was an uphill battle. And when Carlisle got his head cut off, I was like, what the hell! I was going to kill the director. Same thing when it happened to Jasper. I wanted to scream "Carlisle! Jasper!" in the cinema. :p And I almost cried when Seth died. But then there's a surprising twist, I felt such a fool when it just turned out to be Alice's vision. It made me like, phew!

So the whole point of them gathering all the witnesses was to make the Volturi  pause so that they could explain and avoid war and death. But the way they did it as a vision was brilliant and the fight scene was actually pretty awesome, even though I almost screamed there. Alice was amazing. If I were a vampire, I wanna be like her. ^^

The flashback scene of Bella and Edward with the background song by Christina Perri featuring Steve Kazee touched my heart and it was so lovely. I was actually thinking to use the song as my wedding theme. Heeeeee.. :p

Well, it's an epic ending of Twilight. ^_^


  1. sama....very touched by how bella showed her memories to sweet hehehee

  2. Such a popular movie! Glad you've enjoyed :)

  3. I clamped my boyfriend's hand so hard as i watch carlisle, jasper and seth died!! even my boyfriend said i was being emotional. but thank god it was just a vision!!! hahahaha and i too prefer vampire bella than the human bella :D


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