October 28, 2013

GDayX in Kota Kinabalu!

Hey lovelies! Do you know there's a bunch of awesome events that you can join out there? Yes! One of them is the GDayX!

GDayX is a community-organised event that is supported by Google. This event brings together Google employees and influential voices of the industry to engage with Google users, the students, start-ups, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, to learn and share insights on web technology and Google tools.

A special showcase of Google Glass, first time ever in Sabah will also happening on the event day! Isn't that cool?

Whether you're looking for networking opportunities, want to know more about Google tools and what it can do for you or leveraging Google technologies for online presence and business expansion, this GDayX is the perfect place to get it started.

So here's the event details for GDayX in Kota Kinabalu,

Date: 24th November 2013
Venue: GSC Hall, Suria Sabah
Time: 9AM to 6PM

So what are you waiting for? Register now! Don't worry, loves. The event is free of charge but requires online registration at GDayX Registration.

For more info, go the GDayX website or Facebook Page or Google+ Page

You don't want to miss this awesome event, do you? ;)


  1. Bah, don't forget to register yourself for the event, see you there! :D


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