October 15, 2013

We All Start as Strangers

A few weeks ago when I was thinking about love I came to the conclusion that somehow someday someone would walk in to our life and make us realize why it never worked with anyone else. That someone has walked into my life 5 years ago and I still couldn't be happier.

I've found someone who made all heartbreaks finally worth it. He's everything I believed in and everything I knew I would find. He pushes me in the right direction, and what's even more amazing is that just like I hoped, he supports my dreams and makes me feel like I can do anything in the world. I guess the reason for this post is because right up until I met him a small part of me had lost hope.

We are all guilty of it, but I want anyone who feels like giving up right now to know that hope keeps our belief alive and so you must never let it go. Even when you feel more alone than usual you must remain strong and know that great things really do come when you least expect it, and not just in relationships, in anything; work, family, friends, etc.

You have to keep your mind focused and your heart strong and not let anything get in the way of what you deserve. Everybody deserves to be loved but what really matters is that you love yourself first. You have to know how to make yourself happy before anything because at the end of the day it's your happiness that counts and it's finding someone to share that happiness with that's important not finding someone to fix it.

Work on yourself first and the rest will fall in to place. Don't give up on love and never give up on yourself. Stay hopeful and keep believing.

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