February 14, 2014

Bits of Wisdom

SPF 4 doesn't count. In fact, it probably contains more oil than sun protection.
It's worth keeping every movie ticket you've ever had, you'll want them someday.
It really, truly is okay to say no. Saying yes isn't always an option.
Parents are right almost all the time, so you may as well listen and learn.
Giving 100% to work or school is great, but you should give the same to friends.
You have to open up and seek out the joy, joy doesn't find you.
If he wants to be with you "in a couple years", move on. Love shouldn't have to be planned.
Friends will move away, you'll move away, and somehow, you'll be closer than ever.
The best kind of love is when you both put the other on a pedestal.

Have a great weekend. :)

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