February 15, 2014

Light as Air

Recently, life has been a bit of a whirlwind. A good whirlwind, to be sure, but a whirlwind nonetheless. Last weekend left me calm and rejuvenated. Refreshed. Outdoor brunch, an all-day barbecue at the river, hangout at playground, and friends who bring out my truest self. We faced the sun and ate barbecued chickens and ate pickles and welcomed life with open arms. And something within or above or around me lifted, loosened, so that now I'm feeling light as air.
It's the new weekend and life is good, you know? Life is just so damn good.

our picnic spot

Kibambangan River

dipping in cold river

glad to have him 


the chefs

Well, I know it's the month of love. But I'm not a valentine's day person because I'm not celebrating it, but everyone can celebrate love anytime. Let's celebrate all kinds of love everyday, shall we? Romantic love, yes, but also friendship and the love of our families, our acquaintances, our old loves and new loves, puppy loves and forever loves. The love of words, of sunshine, of fresh flowers sitting on the windowsill. And let's not forget to show love, too, to those we care about and also to ourselves. Also, let us not forget self-love.
And thank you so much for all the love you've shown this little blog over the years.

Have a blast weekend. ^^


  1. sis, since its my first time buying ankle boots, which type that you would recommend the most?

  2. Awww.. Looks fun! Its been a long time since my last picnic with frens o.. And i miss going picnic!

  3. my last picnic was my be 7 years ago.. ha ha

  4. wahh...the grass looks so green and well maintained...its good to have some quality time with quality people..hehehe



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