June 24, 2014

Hopeless Nostlagic

Nostalgia is my favorite pastime. I was born in 1990, which I'm glad of. I've always loved the era of 90's. I miss it. I get nostalgic about my childhood, about old family vacations, but most of all about an era I didn't belong to. I am in love with the 80's and 70's as well. To me it was the perfect time for literature, fashion and art. Don't you just love old movies like The Breakfast Club, Grease, Ghost, Pretty Woman, Ghostbusters, etc..?

So for me, even if I was born in 70's then I would have wished for an earlier time too. It's a never-ending cycle for those with a nostalgic heart, I guess. I also understood that for me it's more about the longing, the desire for something I can't have than the actual time. Would I really want to live in a time before all the modern day luxuries we're lucky to have? Before Twitter, smartphones, Instagram, and even temperature setting kettles? Would you? Sure the idea's romantic and beautiful but I do love the day and age we live in now. We're able to connect with people from anywhere in the world and we can even learn how to make pizza on YouTube. Women are closer to equality than ever before and we have the choice to do anything our heart desires.

I love memories almost as much as I love making them. There's just something so satisfying and so enlightening about rehashing, remembering, or rewriting a shared story. Sometimes all you can do is hold on to little bits of sanity here and there. Sometimes when you find yourself wading through a gray area, the best thing you can manage is to find clarity in any small way you can. Like, in the simple satisfaction of vacuuming, or in the fresh scent of clean laundry, or in the sweeping sense of black-and-white that comes from digging out old stuff. So I was digging out some old stuff and these are some of the things that I've found:


My sisters were huge fans of love songs and boy bands, so they had a lot of cassettes, posters and lyrics. When they got busy pursuing studies and getting jobs, I took everything and I started to listen all the boy bands and totally fell in love with KRU, 911, 'N Sync, Bakcstreet Boys, A1, Five, and others. I was also a big fan of Britney Spears. My sister gave me Britney Spears' posters and recorded music videos in a CD on my birthday. I watched the videos everyday, sang and danced alone. Lol. We used to have many cassettes but I don't know where's the rest.
A horror movie tape.
Sundel Bolong Suzanna is Indonesian vampire film (1981) and was the scariest movie when I was a kid. I don't quite remember the story but maybe if I'm gonna watch it now, I'd think the vampire's lame. As if we still had the VCR player. Lol. We had many tapes back then, most of them were the recorded series of Dragon Ball. I remember watching Dragon Ball every Saturday/Sunday in the morning with my brother, we sat really close to the television while eating cereals. 
Old watches.
These are the watches from 80's and 90's belonged to my mom and sister, worn out and not ticking anymore, of course. Well, I collected things so I kept them in a box..then I forgot that I had them. Now I've got them back and I'm thinking of repairing them, if repairable. They're still pretty, right? Vintage. And they're Rolex. ;)


  1. very nice. kutooo suka klu brg2 lama ni. he3
    kutooo ada buat contest harap2 dapat lah join yer. tq
    already follow http://kutooobamboo.blogspot.com/2014/06/contest-kisah-di-bulan-puasa-jom.html

  2. oh my, finally someone tht reads my mind! my fav would be the 60s :) And yes I love The Breakfast Club and Pretty Woman too!

  3. yay! rolex lagi tu. boleh kena repair lagi tu. Oh. rindunya zaman dulu2 yg mana teknologi belum mengganas macam sekarang ni. haha.

  4. I'm watching Melrose Place right now, so I've been thinking about the early 90s this morning! I think it's normal to think back over previous decades and wonder what it would be like to live during that time. When I watch the Twilight Zone, I wonder what it would be like to live in the 50s and 60s...although in a lot of those episode, the characters speak wistfully about the 20s and 30s, as if that was a "better time!"

  5. wow...those watches are definitely an awesome and vintage collection..hopefully it still repairable...


  6. You know what, somehow I think that we're thinking the same way. I love doing these things too. And for sure, I never felt bored reading your blogs. I

  7. amagad !! i was born in 80's. and i think i still keep my "buku lagu" somewhere


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