June 13, 2014

The Other Kind of Friend

There's something to be said for the every day sort of friend, the one you see so often they may as well be family; the one you do everything with, can't go a week without talking to. But I realize how much there is to love about the other kind of friend, the one you see only every so often; once a year, maybe, or once every few.

At first you can't help but notice how they've changed, how they're different. Yes, you realize, they're a bit more confident, more poised. They're quieter, too, and better about keeping eye contact. Or maybe the changes are more obvious; a different way of dressing, speaking, moving.

But then, once you've mentally ticked off all of what's new about them, you're struck, overwhelmed, really, by all that's the same. It's the way they half-smirk while they talk, or the tone of their voice, or the way they scrunch up their face when they're thinking. Their movements are the same, their nervous habits, and more than anything else, their laugh is just as you remember.

And right away, you love them all over again. Just for being who they are. Just for being so wonderfully recognizable. :)


  1. i miss my friends.. but ppl change kan? ppl who used to be my bff no longer my bff and the ppl who used to be my great enemies are my bff now ahaha.. weird. but i treasure a friend who accept me for who i am.

  2. That's so sweet! You sound like you're an awesome friend. Yes, it is amazing--the little things that make each person unique.

  3. Well I hope I didn't change much or you won't recognize me haha. I guess I'm more quieter. But the thing is, I don't want to be introvert. That was me way back then. A long time ago. I dont wanna be that guy again haha.

    Oh by the way, kalo ko ada mo cerita2, or minta tulung ka apa, whatsapp saja a. :D

  4. friends really can help u to become a better person..luckily i have a fren who really support me in whatever i do although they are not really into it...



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