June 18, 2014

Jac's Wedding

Wedding days are about great moments and memories; from the bittersweet moment you leave your parents house to your nervous walk down the aisle or sit on the altar, from your 'aku terima nikahnya..' or 'I do' to that first kiss as a married couple all the way to the speeches, cake cutting and gifts. 

I went to Jac and Leo's wedding over the weekend. Jac is a good, sweet friend and we were classmates in high school. The wedding was wonderful and Jac looked so beautiful in her lovely white gown and veil. The day was great because not only I got to witness Christian wedding in the church for the first time, which is really nice, I also got to meet my high school friends. It turned out to be a mini reunion. You see, I always have this strange feeling when a high school friend gets married..in a good way, of course. I don't know, it's just..oh I don't know how to put that into words.. Time goes by really fast, huh. It feels like just yesterday we were learning subjects and goofing around with other friends in the classroom. And now, one of us got married. Marriage is not just an auspicious bond. It's a journey that lasts till eternity. I wish Jac and Leo lots of love and happiness and may they have a remarkable and joyful ride. :)

Congrats, Jac. ^^


  1. Beautiful bride n such a pretty wedding dress, bless them <3

  2. Congratulation Jac... :D


  3. The beauty of event in Sabah.. Congrats to the newlywed

  4. Congrats to ur fren, Jac.
    and am waiting for ur turn to come Aemy...hehe...

  5. arghhhhhh.. it was toooooo bad i cannot come to jac's wed! i should have come!
    gara-gara ada aktiviti miss earth at the same time. now i regret it. huhuhu

  6. that feeling when your friend got married... (aku bila?).

    The perfect time of ours is yet to come.


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