June 27, 2014

Welcoming Ramadan

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated, "Whoever fasts a day for the sake of Allah, Allah (SWT) will distance his face from the hell fire by the distance of 70 years." (Bukhari)

Imagine. Someone really, really important is coming to visit you. Surely, you'd cook, clean, shop, prepare and plan everything for them. You'd make sure they're comfortable and well taken care of. You'd ascertain that everything's perfectly ready and adequately in place before they arrive. Now imagine someone coming to visit you that's even more important than that; more precious, more valuable, more honorable. Wouldn't you prepare even more and give it the best you got?

Well, the best month of the year, the most blessed and most precious, is here. The month that brings the fragrance of Jannah (heaven) and the sweetness of Imaan (faith), the tears of Taubah (repent) and the forgiveness of your Lord. And it's bringing with it a night that's equivalent in worship and reward, to more than a thousand months. Wouldn't you want to prepare for that? Wouldn't you want to be ready for it with all your heart and soul so that you don’t miss this great opportunity? They say the more prepared we are for something, the easier it is for us to handle it and the greater the chances that we'll be successful at it. So what are our resolutions this time?

Let's reduce the amount of food we eat during this month and continue the same spirit for the rest of the year. I love eating food and I love cooking it too. However, I do believe we eat far too much food and worst still we waste even more. So let's only take on our plate the amount we can eat and eat all that we take on our plate. We may actually lose some weight in that process. 

Let's eat healthy and wholesome food. Many of us place so much emphasis on permissible (halal) food but forget the other one, wholesome and beneficial food (tayyib). Let's not buy too much processed food and stop eating junk food. What we eat is what we are. 

Let's appreciate more the food that we eat. While we're fasting the food smells more tantalizing, the taste buds become extremely sensitive and food taste heavenly. By abstaining from eating and drinking we learn to respect the food more and I appreciate it when I get it. Let's be more grateful, respectful and appreciative of the food we buy and eat.

Let's give more in charity. We would spend over RM500 buying food, clothes, grocery, etc. Imagine, how it'd be if we all gave that money to a charity. After all fasting makes us understand the pain of hunger and thirst and pushes me to sympathize with the less fortunate. In the month of Ramadan, let's donate to the poor and the needy.

Let's not do any evil, speak no evil and see no evil. While fasting we can abstain from swearing or fighting with anybody. Let's not get involved in backbiting, slandering or gossiping about people. Let's not lie or cheat anybody. Let's be honest, kind and conscientious to people. Ramadan is the month of mercy, so let's be more merciful. It's the month of forgiveness, so let's forgive those who have wronged us. Let's not look at or listen to or see anything that will weaken our faith and resolve to be good.

Let's give up our bad habits. Although I don't smoke, for those who smoke Ramadan must be an amazing opportunity to give it up. Let's replace bad habits with good, productive and useful habits. My bad habit may include watching excessive TV, spending too much time on my cellphone or internet. Some people sleep far too much, it's a bad habit too. In Ramadan let's try our best to reduce our desire to sleep so much. Whatever bad habit you have, join me and make a pledge to give them up.

Let's devote more time with family. I have a wonderful family. I have a great mom and dad. I have 6 siblings and a handful of nieces and nephew. I'll spend more time with them this Ramadan and appreciate all the happiness and pleasure they give me. 

Let's devote more time in developing and sustaining our relationship with Allah. The whole purpose of fasting is to help us develop a stronger commitment to Allah and enhance our character with the attributes that Allah loves most. This month gives us every opportunity to do just that. Let's spend more time reading and studying the Qur'an, spend more time in reflection and remembrance of His Grace.

Have a meaningful and wonderful Ramadan. Happy fasting! :)


  1. Sounds like a time for celebration. Have you read Medeia Sharif's book Best. Ramadan. Ever. yet? I highly recommend it! http://www.amazon.com/Bestest-Ramadan-Ever-Medeia-Sharif/dp/0738723231

    1. No I haven't read it yet. Thanks so much for the recommendation! It's so nice of you to read Islamic book ;)

  2. Happy Ramadhan Aemy..will make this ramadhan is the best month of the year...



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