September 15, 2012

Food Attack at Puncak Iqra'

Assalamualaikum. Hello loves. ^^

I just got back from cousin's open house at Puncak Iqra', Dambai. Actually the place is owned by her father-in-law, Hussain Kasau, a poet, book author and journalist. Puncak Iqra' is a unique place that's located on top of hill. There's a big fruit garden, and each fruit tree has nuances of literature as the names and masterpieces of poets have been immortalized there. The house is a heaven for book lovers, there's a huge collection of books and it should turn into a library someday. 

Cars can't go to the top, so we just walked up and down the hill. But I had trouble as I was wearing sky-high wedges. Such wrong choice, my feet still hurt. Glad that it's nice up there. Foods were served in booths and I didn't missed any of them. There were grilled seafood, soto Makassar, rojak, roasted oysters, grilled beef and chicken wings, lamb chop, satay, siput sedut, ambuyat, nasi ayam penyet, variety of drinks and fresh fruits. I ate till I can't take it anymore. 

My favorites were soto Makassar and roasted oysters. It's my first time eating the original oysters. They're juicy and yummy, especially when dipped in spicy sauce. Heaven! While peeling off the shells, I did it carefully with hope I'd find a pearl. But I had no luck. :p
It's the best open house of the year. ^^

At the foothill

Banner with family photo of the poet/journalist

Eat, eat, eat!

Grilling seafood

Lamb chop

Siput sedut

The oysters
Team Love Food (me with sisters, brother and nephew)

Till next post. I love you. ^^


  1. aemy..foods..sedapnya tgk..haha.. :)

    1. sedap mata memandang, apa lg mulut yg memakannya.. :p haha

  2. Oh my, heavenly food! Nyummmmmy >__<

    1. yeah i still can taste them in my mouth..

  3. Food Attack?? I love your header! Makes me feel like rushing to the food now. Hahaha!

  4. makan, makanan, makan, makanana...hehehhe.
    byknya makanan!

  5. OMGosh the lamb chop. Telan air liur ja la hahaa. If I went to a party, the lamb chop would be the priority. Ehehee.

    Seems like a really big open house o. :D

    Happy Monday, Aemy!

    1. lamb chop is always the number 1 kn..yummy!! hehe


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