September 24, 2012

La Tahzan

She's just standing there all alone 
Barely covered head to toe, barely just 12 years old 
Why's she all alone, why's the world just so cold? 
Why don't we play our part, what has hardened our hearts? 
Oh little girl, don't you cry
La tahzan
God loves you more than I 
Allah is always be with you.. 

The picture sends tears to my eyes. La tahzan are the Arabic words that mean don't be sad. Let's spread our loves for the orphans.


  1. First, I tot it was something like Tarzan.. rupanya, pasal Orphan.. God be with them.. :)

    1. hehe..arabic language ba tu..ya lets pray for them.. :)

  2. Replies
    1. yeah....i wonder why some people ignore their parents while other kids are longing for parents' love..

  3. This post make me realize how much I ignore my parents all of this time. Sometimes I wish it'd be better if I'm an orphan. I should realize it but sometimes being in a hard situation living in this world lead me to that negative thinking.

    Yeah, let's spread love for orphans. :)


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