September 22, 2012

Once Upon a Song

I'd love to invite everyone to come to Pertandingan Gema Cipta on 29th September 2012 (Saturday) at Recital Hall, UMS. It's a song composing competition that's opened for IPTA, IPTS and secondary schools, offering prizes as high as RM1,000. 

Ignore the wrong date, it's actually 29 Sept 2012

We're all thrilled for this competition and we need your support because Ifo is one of the contestants! Nah, he's not gonna sing, but the songs that he wrote and composed himself have been successfully selected for the final round. Our dear friend, Rizal, will be singing the songs on the competition. So, these are the songs:

1. Setia Selamanya (song and lyric by Ifo, vocal by Rizal)

2. Panorama (Song and lyric by Ifo, vocal by Rizal)

Such beautiful songs. I wish one of them will be crowned as the winner and beats other songs. Which one do you think will make it? ^^
Anyway, I pray the best for Ifo. Let's come and support! 


  1. Dua2 best. Tapi saya prefer setia selamanya. Suara rizal sangat best. Mcm suara penyanyi pro sudah ni. Good luck utk ifo n the gang

    1. me too..hehe..yeah rizal memang da besa perform singing..he's the one yg nyanyi on AF utk support Nera.. :)

  2. Good luck to them.Saya paling suka dengar lagu y c ifo buat tajuk dia setia gilerrr..hehe..=)

  3. Arrgh. I always blog hop when I'm at work (shhh, diam-diam) but unfortunately that means I can't watch or listen to clips. Hahaa. Nanti kedapatan. Later will check it out ya. But I hope the best for his songs too.

    Happy Monday, Aemy!

    1. make sure u listen to the songs aa...hehehe.. ^^

  4. hyy,,,salam...kamu ada gambar time penyampaian hadia kpd.pemenang gema cipta ka...kalau ada boleh publiskan ke...


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