September 18, 2012

RIP Cinta

Family and I are in the mourning now. We just lost a kitty today. It's mum's favorite kitty, Cinta. She was vomiting twice on Monday and refused to eat. It was a public holiday, we can't bring her to vet as it's closed. Then my brother took her to vet this morning and the doctor said she had got stomach flu. Maybe because of something she'd eaten outdoor. So they did gave her medicine, but it's too late. She died this evening at 5.30 pm.

I cried when I got call from mum and messages from sisters. We're all mourning for the loss of Cinta. She's different from her siblings because she's the only one that has thick fur and loves coconut. I used to call her Tupai because her thick fur especially on the tail makes she look like a squirrel. She's special. Now she's gone forever.

When she's still a baby
Cinta :(
Her last photo

I'm so sad.
RIP Cinta. 


  1. i guess its true when they say that human's food is not all OK with pet's stomach...

    Did the doctor tells u what did she ate?
    Ayam goreng KFC ker?
    CHeese ker?

    so that it wont happen again.

    1. we did give her ayam KFC, the tulang2 ones..but her siblings ate too & they're i don't think it's ayam KFC..
      i don't know, maybe it's something from outside..because the night before she's sick, we forgot to put them into i think she play2 katak or cicak or any poisonous serangga kan..huuhuu...
      poor her...
      but just redha lah kn..she's in a right place now..

  2. Owwh too bad.. This is the reason why I didn't want to have any pet. I'm afraid of losing them. Sorry for your lost Aemy..

    1. that's the risk we take in life..loving & losing. lumrah kehidupan..hehe

  3. Cinta will go to kitteh heaven, RIP..

  4. sayangnya!..cantik bulu dia...

    Kesian cinta..

    1. cantik kan...siblings dia yg lain xda bulu mcm ni..huhu..syg..

  5. poor cinta...

    and i'm sorry for this strong there aa..=(

  6. So sorry about your loss. Take care, dear!

  7. How old was Cinta at the time? :(

    And I'm sorry for your kitty. Cheer up.

  8. cian ci cinta.. sabar ko darling ya..


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