September 13, 2012

Recent Thingy

Assalamualaikum. Hello loves. ^^

Yeah I know, it's been a while now. My blogging activities of writing and reading are slowing down to a crawl since I moved into Usia. A lot of things happened lately. 
The saddest one was the death of my cousin's son, Nazmi, 12 years old. He got into an accident, injured in the head, and died the next morning because of internal bleeding. Though we're not really close and barely met each other, but I was sad, still sad in fact. I felt sorry for my cousin. I know exactly how it feels to lose someone forever. Rest in peace, Nazmi. 

In the meantime, I'm slowly but surely adapting myself to this new apartment. I've gotten along with my housemates really well though. They're nice, friendly, and as mad as me. But there's nothing like home, I miss mummy's cook. It's pretty nice and cosy anyway. Located on 5th floor, I could see a beautiful view from here especially in the morning. So, this is how the apartment looks like:

Usia Apartment, 1Borneo

I went out with Ifo and his mum yesterday to visit Ifo's grandparents at Tuaran. It's funny when they can't recognize me at 1st because of this hijab. :p It was nice too to meet the Dusun side of Ifo's relatives, despite most of their conversation that I couldn't understand, I gotta learn to speak Dusun perhaps, instead of learning French. :p

We also had the chance to take a look around house of Ifo's uncle that's still under construction. To say that it reminded me of Buckingham Palace would be overrated, but it's so huge. If they threw a party, they could invite 100 guests, or even more. There's also a pond at the front yard, which I think will turn into a swimming pool. Such a house, or maybe I should call it a mansion. We also dropped by at Juan's (Ifo's cousin), and I got to meet his 2 rabbits and 11 cats. It's a nice day-out. ^^

The grandparents

With Ifo's mum

With the rabbits..and cats' butts =,=


  1. Bestnya stay dekat 1B sudah... ahaha anytime can go movie, shopping, chill or just for the aircond sake xD

    Sorry about your lost. Losing a relative tho not close can remind us a lot of stuff too.

    Take care lil' one!

    1. those things; movies, shopping and all, are dangerous..i need to resist them for the money sake :p

      thx for your concern anyway.

  2. A house with a swimming pool? I am so envious (despite the fact that I can't even swim right. Pfft.). And LOL the cat's butts! XD

    Ohh so that's how USIA looks like. I heard the rent is quite expensive there. But it looks much better than the usual hostel Kg ABCDE.

    Oh and my condolences for your loss :( Al-Fatihah..

    1. people who are staying in kg abcde should be grateful because its difficult to get buses here at usia. huhu. the rent is similar to the other hostels fee.. :)

  3. wow....dkt ja ni..bole2 la sy dtg mlwat sis ni kali..hoho

    bole salu lepak 1b ni.,hehe

  4. Sorry for the lost. May his soul rest in peace. Al-fatihah.

    Wow! It's indeed a palace to me!! Alalala.. comel nya c rabbit! :)

  5. Aemy! It's been awhile...lama x lawat blog ko. :) Congrats for the new 'look' of you ^^

    yeaah! learn Dusun :p

  6. I'm so sorry about the loss. His parents must be devastated.

    Wow, the mansion is gigantic to house 100 people! Super rich!

  7. ok, U really want to learn dusun?? :p.. he he he..

  8. Sis, I love your new look.. seriously :) cute and adorable much.. hehehe ^^ btw my sis oso stayin there at 1B apartment.. u might encounter her sometimes at UMS i guess ^^

  9. Seems like they have a really big house. Got renovation lagi pula.

    11 cats?! And why is the cat showing its butt. Hahaha.

    Happy weekend, Aemy!


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