September 7, 2012

In the Midst of Madness

Assalamualaikum. Hello, loves. ^^

Ohh thank God, I can finally write on my blog. It's supposed to be my holiday week but I've been crammed with overloaded works and stuck at my desk to finish up the final reports of internship. Thankfully it's done. And I was packing my stuffs just now, preparing to leave tomorrow and check in to hostel. The new semester will begin this Monday. Ugh. I can't even feel the holiday, man.

It's alright though. I've got a feeling that it'd be an awesome semester because it's a final year, the year where I'll be getting ready to jump head first into the new world. Besides, tomorrow I'll be registering myself to become a resident of Usia Tower Apartment at 1Borneo. I'll have a new room, some new housemates, and a new life, I guess. So I went on a little tour at the tower with Ifo the other day, then I took a glimpse of the bedroom and study desks. Cool. Unlike the typical dorms, Usia is a bit more exclusive. I wish I could find peace there. Remember I told a story about the spooky dorm I lived in once? I really really wish it won't happen again.

Before I stop rambling, here's a recap of a few things that were going on in the midst of busy madness:

Raya with my "bodyguards", The Baks :p

Open house at cousin's

An outing with my best friends

A date with Ifo ^^

Another side of me still wanted to have fun, glad I still have that.
Till next post. I love you. ^^


  1. So sweet to know that u still find time for your family & friends despite your busy schedule :)

  2. dont worry sis, u can still have fun.. :))


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